Break-Up with Bad Debt



Canadians love debt!

We are so comfortable with using credit to make ends-meet that we now owe approximately $1.65 for every dollar we earn.

With numbers like these, it’s pretty obvious that many Canadians have found themselves in a bad relationship with debt.

When you’re struggling to keep up with your finances, there is a good chance your relationship with debt has run its course – and if your finances are beginning to bring out the worst in you, it may be time to break-up with debt and commit to taking control of your finances.

Your relationship may be toxic today, but by budgeting wisely, assessing your problem areas and identifying your bad habits, you can begin a new relationship with your money that will lead to a long and healthy financial life.

Five Signs for a Break-Up Time

If you just can’t see a future with your debt, then now is the time to cut the chains that bind you, and say goodbye for good. To help consumers recognize a bad relationship, Consolidate Credit Counseling Services of Canada offers these five signs that it’s time to break-up with debt for good:

  1. Debt’s taking over your life – Avoiding collections calls, not opening mail, losing sleep over bills and feeling guilty about your latest purchases are all clear signs that debt has taken over your life.
  2. You’ve become needy- There was a time when credit gave you independence. When you first met it was thrilling to think of all the possibilities your future together held. Now, that future is looking dark, and expensive, as your debt takes control of your life.
  3. Debt is holding you back – You used to have fun together. You would go shopping, travel and eat out all the time. Now, debt is holding you back from enjoying your life and dictating your financial future.
  4. You’ve cheated – When you first met debt, it was just the two of you. Now you have a few other debts on the side.      
  5. The past is haunting you – All that time you’ve spent with debt just won’t leave you alone. It’s calling you constantly, sending you emails, and even the occasional text message. No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get over debt and move on.

Help Exists

I know that breaking-up is hard to do. I’ve struggled with it myself before. Always remember that if you are having trouble severing ties with your debt, there are professional “debt break-up specialists” who can help. When debt just won’t leave you alone, you can find relief by contacting a trained, non-profit credit counselor who will help you find your way back to a healthy financial future.

Some break-ups make you feel light! 😉


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