How to Cure Your Midlife Crisis With a Career Change


Many people decide to switch careers mid-life, so here are some ways to do it seamlessly. In the end, you should find peace, and more fulfillment.


Start a Pub

Start a pub, or open a brewery, or do both. Turn that hobby into a reliable income. You know, when times are good, people drink. When times are bad, people drink. It’s an all-weather industry.

And, it’s trendy to drink microbrews now. People are turning to quality craft beers over mass-produced ones. With a 20-litre apple press, you can get up and running for about £70 if you want to start a craft or custom hard cider business.


Open a Cafe

A cafe is something you can enjoy if you like to take it easy, and you want to entertain customers. While cafes can be busy, for owners, a cafe is a way to settle down and manage a mostly laid-back business.


Sell Something Online

The Internet has made it very easy to set up shop and sell practically anything to anyone. You could open an store, for example, and sell or resell goods to someone in America, or Turkey, or even Japan.

When you open up a store online, you still have to be cognizant of the liabilities of an Internet business. Sites, like, can help you navigate the legal waters concerning liability insurance, employment law, and business structures as well as what kind of personal liability you open yourself up to if you start an online enterprise.

Every country has its own laws, and you may need to abide by some of them, but you will ultimately be governed by UK laws concerning the sale of goods or services.


Start a Garden

If you love gardening, you should start one. You could even open a nursery and sell plants and flowers for a living. Get your elbows dirty, and find out just how relaxing it can be.

Most people view running a nursery as a “quiet” business, and it certainly can be. But, it can also be exciting, especially if you cater to wedding planners or the funeral industry.


Go Into Crafts

Making, and selling, crafts has become big business. The maker movement has culminated in sites like Etsy and ArtFire, which allow you to sell your custom-made wares online. You could also open a craft shop and sell to locals.


Start a Nonprofit

Do you have a cause you believe in, that you want to see furthered? Then, consider opening a nonprofit and raising money for it. Nonprofits enjoy special tax privileges, but they also let you pursue your passion of helping others. Most nonprofits have to hold multiple fundraisers during the year to stay open, and they rely on volunteers to make the operation work.

Still, it can be an incredibly rewarding line of work if you love helping others and want to give to your community, as well as a worthy cause.


Write a Book

J. K. Rowling pulled herself out of poverty by writing some of the most famous, and beloved books the world has ever known. Maybe you’ll never be that famous, but if her story can’t inspire you to at least try, nothing will.

Isobel Grant has worked as a career consultant and enjoys the chance to share her insights online. Her posts mainly appear on career, working mom and lifestyle related websites.


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