Summer Bucket List Updated

I’m a fan of lists. I do lists on a daily basis. It is not necessarily a means to control, but more to be organized and to know what’s to come. Back in May, I did my Summer Bucket List. Well, sometimes life brings good surprises! It sure did for us this summer. In early June, I learned I was pregnant with my third child. I therefore felt it was time I updated this list. Some projects had to be postponed…


1. Going on a two week vacations in Cape Cod – DONE

As you know if you’ve read my last post, we came back from a one week vacations last week. Mainly for financial reasons, we decided to take advantage of the second week of our vacation to do some activities nearby. The beach was nice and we had a good time with family.

2. Build a tremendous sand castle – Not Completed

Well, we did build some sand castles, but they were not tremendous. It is harder to make them than I expected! 😉 My sons are still too young, so they didn’t have the patience to build a big one. My husband got tired of it quickly too and I, well, I gave up! haha!

3. Wear bikinis – Postponed

I wrote: “Let’s face it, my body has changed a lot since I’m a mom. I have stripes. Lots of stripes. But I’ve never been real comfortable to bring the tigress out of me! 😉 I think it’s about time I go beyond that. I’m proud of who I am. I don’t need to hide that body that has brought me sooo much happiness!” I’ve decided to wait a little more for that. Being pregnant again, my tigress stripes show even more and I was just not comfortable. I did wear a bikini at the spa in early summer before I learned I was pregnant. That goal is to be continued next year!

4. Swimming at least once a week – DONE

Maybe once a week was a little ambitious. We don’t have a pool so that would mean we would use someone else’s installation every week. Seems like a lot to me! However, we did swim a lot this summer compared to previous ones and my son is getting more and more comfortable in the water. That is why I look at this one as done!

montreal fireworks

5. Watch Fireworks Once – Forgotten!

I must admit summer is almost over and I have forgotten about this one! Maybe it’s not too late, I’ll try and see if there are fireworks to come soon!

6. Sleep on The Patio and Watch the Stars – To Come

Didn’t do that one yet either. I’ll sure look into the coming Fridays to do so. At least part of the night.

7. Drink Wine Outside At Night – Postponed

Don’t think I have to explain that one. Pregnant. Says it all! 😉

8. Playing in the Rain with The Kids – To Come

Didn’t forget about it, but it didn’t rain that much lately… or it was quite a storm with thunder and lightning! Pretty scary for young little boys aged 18 months and 4 years old!

9. Go to The Zoo – DONE

And it was a perfect day! Very nice memories. We went there with my brother-in-law and his wife and they enjoyed it just as much. Among the best activities for this summer!

10. Wash the Car by Hand – To Come

I usually like washing the car before our vacations. It smells good when we travel and it just feels more comfortable. Well, I lacked time this year. Pregnancy has brought so much nausea and fatigue that it was hard to function as usual. Now that things are getting better, I sure will have some fun at it!

11. Go Fishing – Postponed

I wanted to bring my sons fishing with their grandfather but it just didn’t work out this summer. Autumn can be a good time for that as well, so we’ll see!

spinning class

12. Training for My Duathlon – Postponed

I felt a duathlon was just too much for a pregnant woman. Although I continue training moderately, I’ve decided to complete it next year instead.

13. Read in A Park – To Come

There still are some nice days to come and I will take advantage of it.
14. Doing Picnics – DONE
There could be more to come but we’ve done a couple and glad we did. Always good times for us and the kids.

15. Playing Outside – DONE

How about we’ve pretty much done it 5-6 days a week? I think that’s a mission completed!

16. Going to Drive-In Movies – To Come

I just didn’t find good movies to watch at these theaters yet…

17. Visit The Trains Museum – To Come

This one is actually planned for this weekend! Can’t wait!

18. Doing a Long Bike Ride – To Come/Postponed

My husband and I were planning on making 100 km. I’m not sure I will handle that with the belly in my way! 😉 So we are still planning on doing a long bike ride but the distance is not determined.

19. Spend a Day with Each Nephew and Niece – To Come

To be honest, I’m not sure I will have enough time to complete this one this summer. Since it is something important to me, I might extend it throughout the year in order to accomplish it.

20. Having People Over for Dinner – Not Completed

We did have a couple people over, but not as many as I wanted to. Again, pregnancy made things more difficult to me at the beginning. I was just too tired to invite people over. Hopefully more to come!

21. Going to Waterslides – DONE

Another perfect day for us this summer! Wow, just amazing! The boys were so happy and we were too. That’s a winner for our family.


22. Camping – Postponed

This one is a little complicated. We looked at the equipment we had and realised we needed some more in order to go camping for a weekend. However, we decided to not put extra money into that this year. So we instead used the tent in the backyard and it was fun. We didn’t really sleep in it because it was just too hot for all of us.

23. Playing Golf and Hitting Golf Balls – Postponed/DONE

We hit golf balls a couple times and might do it some more in the coming weeks. However, playing golf while pregnant when not used to it is another thing. This again is postponed for next year!

24. Be a Spontaneous Lover – Not Completed

Thank’s to preggo hormones, it is not completed! 😉 Since I was a little sick during first months of pregnancy, I was not a spontaneous lover at all! I was rather a pain in the ass! LOL Sorry hubby! At least I admit it… So well, things, again, are getting better so I now work on that number!


What about you? How are your summer plans turning out? Any big surprises on your side as well?


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