Best 15 Moments of My Life


I might not be that old, but I’m the type of person who likes doing some introspection at times. To me, lists are perfect for this because it clearly highlights some traits of your personality or important moments in your life. For some reason, I tend to think about important moments as the ones that come with big turns or changes. However, it is the first time I think about my life in its best moments. Let’s see how it turns out! No order of importance has been done.


This one might sound a little cliché, but it really was one of the best moments of my life. The organisation was a little exhausting so I had promised myself I would simply have fun when the day arrived and that is what I did. I had fun with my family and friends. I danced all night, entered many fun games, took lots of pictures, and cherished our love. No matter what some might think about marriage, the act of officially engaging yourself into a relationship really has the power to join people together.

Birth of children

Let me tell you upfront: the delivery part is not a piece of cake! It is hard, painful and very demanding. But that couple seconds when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time! That moment is simply magical. It’s hard to describe it to someone who has never experienced it, but it is of an intensity that I never knew before. I didn’t think it would be as intense for the second child. I was wrong. 😉


The day I received my admission letter at University was one of deep pride. The day I received my degree was also prideful. The three and a half years in between have been memorable. It was not always easy, sometimes I barely had money. But those years have brought so many experiences, so many lessons, so much learning. Not only from a studies perspective, but also on a personal level.

Starting and re-starting Horseback riding

I started riding when I was 11 years old. I was attracted to horses all my childhood. The day I started my lessons was a dream come true. I had to stop a couple years during my studies because I couldn’t afford it anymore, but when I restarted, I realised once again how much of a passion it was and still is for me. There has to be horses in my life.

First time I saw the ocean

I live near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It requires long hours of driving to see the ocean. I think I was around 8 years old when my parents took us to Old Orchard Beach for our family vacations. I was in total admiration with this never ending water! The sound, the breeze, the sand. It was a whole new world to me and one that I will always remember. Not to mention that these vacations were among the best I had in my entire life.

Trip to Percé Rock

This is during another family vacation with my parents and as a child. The whole week had ups and downs. We tried camping and it really wasn’t a success! lol Still, the two days we spent at Percé Rock were awesome! If you’ve never been there and want to come to Quebec, it is very impressive. You can walk up to the Roché during low tide and see it all. It really is a great experience. Be careful and lookout for slippery rocks though! I remember one or two funny falls! 😉


Hampton Beach Vacations

I cherished these vacations because they were the first with my own little family. Bringing my son there was magic. We relaxed a lot and enjoyed every day! It was simple, but full of little precious moments. To rediscover things through your children’s eyes is something special. This summer, we are going back to the East Coast with the two boys and the little one in my belly! 😉 I just can’t wait to live that again with them.

First Time I took the plane

I was around 20 years old when I first took a plane ride. I was very excited to live through that. I was a little scared too, because I’m normally scared of heights. It was nothing that I expected and so beautiful to see the “world” in that perspective. The closest I got to clouds… up until another moment to come! 😉

Honeymoon Trip

Do I really have to explain that one? Love, Cuba, beaches, alcohol, great food (yes, in Cuba), sea… It also was our first complete vacation week together and we didn’t separate! haha! That week was simply perfect.

First Date with my Husband

This is a quite funny one! Funny because it was as if we knew each other for such a long time! We didn’t really go through typical dating. We had supper in a decent restaurant, had an ice cream and played bowling!! But then, we chatted while he was driving and that’s when we really discovered we had so much in common. We looked at houses! I think every excuse to stay together some more was good. But we still enjoy doing that!


So that is the one time I got the closest to clouds… and heaven! If you’ve never done this, you need to try once in your life. This is absolutely breathtaking! My husband and I jumped almost at the same time so we arrived a couple seconds from one another. It takes a couple minutes to realise you’re back on the ground and to put words on what you just lived. It is an overwhelming feeling.

When I turned into a Godmother

I didn’t know what was unconditional love before I turned a godmother. Of course it is a little different from your own kids, but it is still a very powerful type of love. I’m lucky to now be the godmother of two boys and I cherish this role. I hope to always play a key role in their life.

Many Firsts of my children

The list could be long for that! 😉 But all the firsts of my children are among the best moments of my life. The first steps, the first words, the first “I love you”, the first bike ride, etc. All these little moments together turned my life into something meaningful.

Pregnancies News

Knowing the little baby you’ve wished for is on its way is a moment of total happiness! I will picture my husband and I jumping around the house while looking at the pregnancy test every time I remember these precious times.

Céline Dion Show

I like many songs of Celine. But I can’t say it’s my favorite music. I like music in general and appreciate many different musical styles. However, I admire Celine as an artist and a person. Her work is tremendous and of course, I’m proud that this little girl from a small town in Quebec turned into a worldwide famous singer! Not to mention she has one of the greatest voices out there. I also had the chance to live that experience with my sister, who thinks pretty much the same about Celine. It was another dream come true for us two to live that together. A night to remember!

What You Get From This List

I enjoyed doing that “exercise” and invite you to do so as well. Why? I think it illustrates very well what is meaningful and important to me: family, love, traveling and new experiences. It is much easier to know what my happiness relies on identifying such moments.


Do you know what your joy is made of?


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