Stress Relievers: Find Your Exit Sign

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I know of many people being stressed out. So stressed out that they are incapable of seeing the positive side of things anymore. I’ve been there, too, but I’m trying to be done with it. In fact, it is simple enough. Not easy. Simple.


Turn Your Back to Stress

First of all, you’ve got to choose to say goodbye to unhealthy stress. I say unhealthy because a little stress can make us go forward at times. When it’s all consuming, then it turns toxic.

One day I found myself tired, crying in my husband’s arms because I was not living the life I wanted. My main concern was that I felt I was lacking time. Lacking time to do simple things like exercise, do the laundry, or clean the house. Lacking time to spend precious moments with family and friends. I needed to work. More. And more again. Everything seemed to be a source of stress for me. I looked at myself and thought: never again.

One step at a time, I removed unhealthy stress from my life. Changing jobs, in my case, was necessary. That might not be the case for all, though. Sometimes, just changing your attitude helps a lot. Sometimes, changing the place helps change the attitude…


When the Exit Starts with Relievers

Sometimes, removing all sources of stress is impossible. Then you’ve got to learn to manage it. Stress relievers made a huge difference for me. I know it also helps others around me. Here are a couple of ideas.


Mandalas and mangas are examples of drawings that really helps relax. By focusing and concentrating on such a task, stress relieves itself. These exercises are often more efficient than free drawing by yourself because you don’t have to create the whole design. The only task is to put the colors in. Same goes for painting by numbers. Even scrapbooking can be relaxing.


If exercise means objectives and goals for you, better choose something else! 😉 The idea is not to surpass or succeed, rather to let your mind free itself. No thoughts. Sure it can be done running or biking, but also think about other types of exercise, like dancing, swimming, or simple walking.

Writing and Reading

Ever heard someone say to a crying person: “Let it go”? Well, it is a bit what I suggest here with writing. Let the thoughts and the emotions get out. Automatic writing (writing everything that is on your mind without stopping) is one way to do so.

Reading is a little different as you let your mind enter into a world someone else created. Don’t go reading about stress just yet! 😉 Begin with readings that are not related to you too much. Novels taking place in another country or adventure books will help you break with your routine and forget about the stress.


My mother-in-law discovered knitting about 2-3 years ago. She’s now used to it and doesn’t have to think much when she knits. She does so a couple nights per week, watching TV at the same time, and really enjoys how she feels afterwards.


Looks like pretty much any type of handcrafting is a stress reliever. Think about it. When you do something with your hands, chances are you won’t think much about your problems. I, therefore, will mention a few more: cooking, taking pictures, folding up clothes, cleaning, washing dishes, gardening, baseball throwing, wood carving, etc.


It Is Up to You

In the end, you can do pretty much anything that makes you feel good. Watching a good movie, having a hot drink, chatting with a friend, etc. What you need to realise is that this “do nothing” time is actually more efficient than continuing your unhealthy routine over and over again. Letting your mind have a break will bring you more energy and change your attitude.

Choose yourself first. Not the stress.


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