What is Fabulous?

still fabulous

Fabulously Broke has been up for quite a few years already! Yay! 😉 I was thinking of what fabulous meant to me 10 years ago versus what it means now. And I realized my perception has changed a lot. I used to think of that word as a synonym of glitter, glamor, fashion, etc. You know, the girly type of girl. At one point, I was one too. I’ve never been a princess. I’ve never bothered to dirty up if needed. But I used to be the girly woman with her suitcase, you know.

My perception of fabulous is now a lot more related to the attitude I have. It is not what I look like that matters. It is the inside. And by being more confident inside, I’m also looking more confident on the outside. Maybe I finally found the reason why I’ve never got as many compliments as in the recent years. Because now, I just don’t care about what people think. At least, I care a lot less! 😉 Still a work in progress, I must admit!

There are often no better ways to express something than with images and quotes. So here are the ones that reflect fabulous to me.


does not make you feel fab

One of the first Fabulous Principle… and still applies! I use that one a lot when decluttering! 😉


coco chanel

Very true! I hope I feel fabulous, sexy and confident for the rest of my life!


do I like them

Nothing more to add. One of the best feeling ever. I’m the type of person who cares a lot about people. But sometimes, people just don’t deserve your time…


inside and outside

Last but not least. Just be and love yourself.


I might still be broke at times, but I’ve never feel so fabulous! 😉 What about you? What Fabulous Inspires You?


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