The Anniversaries that Bond

we still do

In May, Mr. My Husband and I will be celebrating 8 years since we first dated. So much has come our way since then: new jobs, a house built, a wedding, another new job and two sons. Every year, no matter what is going on in life, we find time to celebrate that anniversary. It can be simple or an excuse for a small getaway, but we never missed this date.

I know a lot of people who don’t do that though. Some will – sometimes – write a special note or get the other a flower bouquet, but a lot of couples tend to forget about the celebration part.

I’m turning more and more into a minimalist and a saver, but I still think some anniversaries are important enough to spend a little and to highlight them. Indeed, doing so intensifies our bond. As I wrote here, happiness is found in experiences and memories you get from them. That anniversary in May always reminds me of great times:

-First time we saw each other but I didn’t pay much attention (shame on me!)
-First night out for which he borrowed his mom’s car because his was too dirty
-First time we kissed…
-That summer day when we walked for hours and had a sangria, even though he doesn’t like it
-And so much more!

These experiences and events are now part of our history as a couple but also as individuals and as parents. All that we built during these years have been possible because of these days. If that isn’t worth celebrating, I wonder what is! 😉


But Is It Just Me?

I also see anniversaries as part of couple/family rituals. According to this 1992 NY Times articles, it’s been a while that researchers praise family rituals in order to strengthen bonds! Not only it results in more strength as a family, but apparently, children who have been raised in families with rituals – like Sunday night dinner – tend to be more resilient as adults than the others.

I’ve also found this 2007 report: Family Routines and Rituals: A Context for Development in the lives of Young Children, written by two doctors. Again, this publication shows that rituals and simple get togethers reinforce emotional links.




So, Do You Celebrate Important Anniversaries? How Do You Celebrate?

Personally, I like celebrating birthdays in a family get together. Discussions, great food, some wine and fun times! These special moments surely are ties that bond.

Dating and wedding anniversaries are of course on my favorites! To me, it’s the perfect time to reconnect with Mr. My Husband and to think about the two of us. A day at the spa, a supper in a nice restaurant, going to the movies and get away for a weekend. These are only examples, but what’s 100% sure is that it rekindles the flame!

Holidays like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day or other special occasion are also a good excuse to reunite with loved ones.

Summer vacations are among the best days to get a family to bond. We make sure to spend as much time as possible with the kids. Picnics, playing outdoors, going for a walk at a new place, going to the beach, etc. are lifetime memories for the family and even for friends or couples. Forget about house cleaning for a while and enjoy!


What About the Budget?

Of course, my advice is to plan these events a little ahead. Mr. My Husband and I discussed our anniversary date two months ago! We are going to a nice restaurant… expensive too. Knowing in advance helps celebrating these anniversaries without breaking your bank. The last thing I’d want is to be financially in trouble because we had too much night outs!!

Let’s say you’re planning a $300 expense for a big anniversary.

-8 weeks before is $37.50 each week
-12 weeks before is $25 each week
-24 weeks before is $12.50 each week

You then turn something pricey into an affordable experience!

Not to mention that you can always find ways to do thing the free way! 😉 It doesn’t have to cost something. The idea is rather to take time to remember. Remember all that you shared and all the experiences that shaped the person you are.


What About You? Let me know how you celebrate and why!


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