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Since I learned that a friend of mine has cancer, I feel the rush to live. I don’t mean to do it on the big scale format! I’m satisfied with the life I have, but I want to make sure I maximise my happiness time. Especially the time I spent with my family. Cause you know, you never know…


That’s why I’ve decided to put on a summer bucket list this year. So we make sure to take advantage of the time we’ve been granted of, no matter if it’s just a five minute deal.


1. Going on a two week vacations in Cape Cod

This is already in plan of course. This year, we will spend our two weeks with my brother-in-law and his wife. We are mainly going for the beach, nice dinners and some activities here and there.


2. Do a tremendous sand castle

My number one fit to be good timing to do this. Playing in the sand like kids again looks a very fun time to me. Not to say that our boys will be so happy to build it with us!


3. Wear bikinis

This point will be a big win against myself. Let’s face it, my body has changed a lot since I’m a mom. I have stripes. Lots of stripes. But I’ve never been real comfortable to bring on the tigress out of me! 😉 I think it’s about time I go beyond that. I’m proud of who I am. I don’t need to hide that body that has brought me sooo much happiness!


4. Swimming at least once a week

That’s something I enjoyed so much when I was young! I don’t know why it fade away as an adult. Besides, my oldest son needs to practice the skills he learned this winter during his swimming classes.


5. Watch Fireworks Once

It has just been too long.


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6. Sleep on The Patio and Watch the Stars

I used to do that once a year when I was living at my parents’. I didn’t do it as a kid, I was about 16-17 years old. A couple years before I moved. These are memories of a lifetime that I’d like to repeat!


7. Drink Wine Outside At Night

Kids are asleep. House is quiet. Time to bring out the wine and have a couple chat. Great times to come!


8. Playing in the Rain with The Kids

Just stopping to care about the clothes being wet, the kids being dirty, my hair, etc. Simply have fun in the rain with them.


9. Go to The Zoo

When they get a little older, it won’t interest them as much. It’s time to do that!


10. Wash the Car by Hand

I just love doing this.


dad and daughter fishing Click on image to view source

11. Go Fishing

We used to do that often when I was a kid. My dad loves fishing. I miss this time with him. Might be a good idea for father’s day gift! 😉


12. Training for My Duathlon

I’ve commit myself to complete a sprint duathlon in September. I will make sure to continue my training this summer and take advantage of this task to spend more time with husband and kids. Mr. My Husband is a runner so we sometimes put the kids on the stroller, run together and end the training by stopping at playground. Everybody’s happy!


13. Read in A Park

Cause I love reading. And I love nature.


14. Doing Picnics

At least once every two weeks. It has always turned into great times for us.


15. Playing Outside

As often as possible. That’s it!


16. Going to Drive-In Movies

It’s been at least 15 years since I’ve gone! We’ll make sure to bring some blankets and all get comfortable. Nice excuse to eat some candies as well! 😉


17. Visit The Trains Museum

We’ve been there for the first time last year. Our son still talks about it on a weekly basis. A must for us!


18. Doing a Long Bike Ride

With Mr. My Husband. Like a long one. Around 100 km.


19. Spend a Day with Each Nephew and Niece

I have two nephews and one niece. They’re so precious to me. I consider them like my own kids. Except life is life and I don’t get as much time with them as I used to. I want to make sure to spend an entire day with each one this summer.


20. Having People Over for Dinner

At least once a month. I find it more difficult to do so during winter, when it’s cold and I feel like watching T.V more!! BBQ makes it a lot more easier and I enjoy inviting people over and cooking for them.


21. Going to WaterSlides

Again, first time last year and was a hit. Definitely something to repeat!


22. Camping

We’ll start with a weekend and see how it goes. As we enjoy spending time in nature, I’m pretty sure we will all appreciate this time. I’m more “afraid” about our youngest boy who wants to act like a big boy but just can’t sometimes! 😉


xavier golf Picture from author’s library

23. Playing Golf and Hitting Golf Balls

This is the oldest passion of Mr. My Husband. He played golf all his life and is pretty good at it too. I used to play a little too before I became pregnant. Then, time hit me. I want to make sure I go play with my husband at least once in the summer.


24. Be a Spontaneous Lover

Last but not least, I want to take advantage of the more “relax” attitude spring brings in. I want to be more spontaneous as a lover. I am a rather spontaneous person, but I think I could be more when it comes to my couple.


Did You Make a Bucket List? Do You Like Some of My Ideas?

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