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Alright, so spring is finally here in Canada! Did we wait long for this one! Made me realize it’s been too long since I did some good organization around the house. I know, I’m a little freaky when it comes to cleaning, but I like when the house looks clean and smells good. On top of that, I got my shape back after my second pregnancy and now I need to revamp my closet a little. So, it is time to share some organization tips to turn into a Master! Mouhahahaha! #evillaugh 😉


Take Everything Out


No matter what you have to clean or organize, take everything out of it. I don’t care if it’s the whole garage, the 15×20 shed, your small closet, or your entire basement – okay, maybe not – if you want to turn into a master, the first step is to get everything out. Every. Single. Thing.


Make Piles


You can name your piles as you want. Choose things that resonate with you. It can be: Love-Like-Hate or Keep-Donate-Trash/Recycling or Green-Yellow-Red or really anything as long as the purpose of each is clear. I’d also recommend to name them by the last time you made use of them: Less than Two Weeks, Less than 6 months, Over a year. That way, it’s not about your feelings but more about your real needs! 😉


Get Storage Solutions


My best tip for that is one word: Pinterest! Man, do I love this social media site. It is full and full again of ideas to create your own storage solutions, or even better, new ways to use things you already have that won’t cost you a thing.


For those with girly inspiration, consider stickers, glitter, colors, and wrapping to turn the ugliest thing into a cute storage bin!


Whites are also timeless and give the impression of more space.


Raw materials also give a nice look: woods, jute, metal.


**No matter the style though, NEVER forget to identify your things. Each bin should have its own identification. An easy solution to this is to label the bins with labels printed from a Dymo Label Printer. It will save you time when in need, but also in future cleanings.**


Stay Organized!

Some time ago, I published a post on another blog, Everyday Minimalist, about keeping kid’s stuff organized. You can have a look for some other inspiration, but if there’s one rule to keep in mind; it’s:


One in, One out!


Every time you get a new thing in, one has to go out. That way, you won’t accumulate clutter anymore and maintain balance in your stuff. One piece of clothing in, one out. One tool in the shed, one out. One new toy in, one out. It’s simple, but it’s not so easy to do, trust me!


To succeed, you have to learn to let go of things. This is my minimalist side talking, but I know of nobody who didn’t feel relieved by letting unuseful things go. It’s just easier to breathe.


Seeing It is Believing It!


Because I know that many prefer seeing such things than actually reading about them, I’ve decided to do a list of posts or images that I think are worth getting inspired by!


This piece is about closets! You can find 20 ideas to organize yours better and to take advantage of all the space available. Just be careful to not use all of them in one… it can soon turn into a clutter room! 😉


cleaning bottles storage


This image can seem obvious, but who really puts their bottles this way? To be considered for sure! Also follow the link for 20 various storage solutions. I have my eye on the flip flops idea! 😉


pallets storage


I love pallets! I really do! You can turn them into nice looking furniture, you can cut them into simple bookshelves, and now another great idea: storage for the garage! Do not hesitate to click here to learn out to do it.


wrapping organization


When I saw this image on Pinterest, I thought it was made for me! I have too much wrapping. All the rolls are together in a large bin, but it always gets messy and paper gets damaged. Not to mention Mr. My Husband hates that bin… But then, I followed the link and discovered plenty of amazing ideas that you need to have a look at, too!


Now, get back to work and declutter! 😉

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