Things I Can’t Help Buying

As I wrote earlier this year, I made a tight budget for my couples finance this year. It forced me to take on new habits and make better choices in regards to my spending. However, you can take the girl out of the shopping but you can never get the shopping out of a girl! 😉 Despite all my efforts, I realize there are some things I just can’t help buying. I’ve decided to let go about it, but to moderate them as much as possible!


starbucks in veins


Caffeine Addiction


I’ve tried tea. Not the same. At all. I like tea, sometimes. 😉 I prefer coffee. I enjoy my morning one. Actually, each time I try to go without it, I get a tremendous headache. As much as I hate being addicted to something, truth is I am! Therefore, it does happen from time to time that I grab one over on my way back home (to work). Lattes are my favorite. Not my fault, I’m a victim of the caffeine conspiracy! 😉 In fact, one coffee per day never killed anyone, right?


boys pajamas


“Awww! Too Cute!”


I used to buy clothes for myself. Not the shopaholic type of buying, but let’s say I bought based on feelings towards a beautiful piece of cloth rather than needs. Then, I turned into an aunt. Then again, into a mom. Budget is currently too tight to allow me purchasing many clothes. That’s why I’ve almost completely abandoned buying new ones for myself. But not for the kids. Went into a store last week to buy my sons socks. Only socks I told myself. They needed them. Thing is I went out with:


-Socks – yeah! mission accomplished!

-2 pajamas – okay, they don’t have that many and they get dirty fast

-1 shirt – My oldest is growing real fast

-1 pair of jeans – But his two old ones are, you know, old!

-1 pair of sunglasses – But, but, but… He liked it sooo much!


I make excuses. I know. I’m being sarcastic about myself. Most part of my purchases are in fact justified. It is true that my oldest has grown up – again – and needs some new pieces. Thing is I came in for socks and came out with a $80 bill!! How is it that I can’t control that? Shouldn’t be that hard…


It Smells so Good!


It’s not perfume. Not these Febreze type of things either. Please, don’t laugh… It’s shampoo!! I don’t know why or how it started out, but I like buying new shampoos. I like trying new smell. As I write, I realize how weird this can sound. But it’s true. If I go to the pharmacy and see a nice bottle of shampoo that I like or never tried on sale, there are great chances that I will put it in my basket!


I’m proud to say that I’ve made huge progress on that matter though! 😛 A couple months ago, I’ve decided to not buy a bottle of shampoo until I didn’t have any. Well, I didn’t! And I think I’ve still got 1 or two in the vanity unit!


cocktail dress


Shining Bright Like a Diamond


Actually, I’m not really a diamond girl. At least, not real diamonds one! But I do like necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I think they’re a nice and cheap way to revamp an outfit or to change from work to cocktail into seconds. I don’t put money into expensive jewelry. But I do have many. If I buy a new dress, I will probably end up buying jewels that go with it. A girl thing I guess! What I’ve told myself to try to not buy new ones for nothing is to not buy jewels of a color I already have. Since I’m a little picky, it should prevent me from buying a lot! 😉


What about you? What are the things that you can’t help buying?


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