Sentences for Losers: My Reply

It may be because of my resilient personality. It might also be explained by the fact I smile a lot in my everyday life. Or because I rarely complain. Whatever the reason, I sometimes get tired of hearing false sentences. Sentences that should be only used by losers. … even then! These are sentences that shouldn’t exist. Period. Here is a compilation of sentences that others have said to me. True stories! 😉


“You’re lucky… you lost your pregnancy weight”

Say what? It was hell! It wasn’t easy, sometimes it was discouraging, and most of all it was extremely hard and demanding. I must admit, I was tired. I‘d much rather slept, eaten, read a book or watched television. But instead, I dug in, put my shoes on and MOVED. I started walking miles repeatedly. Then I started running. I entered spinning classes. I made physical activity the center of my life a couple nights per week. And today, I still have to train 3 times a week to maintain this weight. I still have work to do. You know a little here and there to transform some muscles! I put on around 50 pounds during both pregnancies, even though I ate healthy and exercised. So don’t tell me I’m lucky!

“You’re lucky…” is generally a reflection of jealousy. Most of the time, people work hard to get where they are. The one thing people can do, is be inspired or motivated by that person instead of saying something that can destroy their efforts.

Which leads me to:


product of my decisions


“You’re lucky… you work from home”

I didn’t start working from home to watch TV programs all day. I started working from home so that I could have a flexible schedule and combine work and family as much as possible. To make that happen, I’ve accepted a considerable decrease in salary. No regrets, no complaints and I realize it is not an opportunity for all. But this has nothing to do with luck. It has to do with choices.

When I previously heard:


“You’re not made to… work from home”

That’s not for you to decide. Let me discover that by my own, will you? Okay, fast forward four years, and I think you’ve got your answer. Kind of funny when I think about it. It wasn’t a good choice when I talked about it, but then it became a luck!

“You’re not made to”…” are a combination of words that should never been said. Who are we to tell somebody else that he/she can’t do what they want? If the person is closely related, we can mention our doubts and fears. But we should never put someone’s goal or project down.


comfort zone


“You must be rich”… while visiting my house

For years, my favorite answer has been: yes, I am! As I often say to my husband, the more people who think we’re rich, the more chances we’ll have to be! 😛 I’m kidding here of course. Still, as I know of, we’ve never stolen anything. The fact is we’re working pretty hard to pay for what we have. I started working in my parents store when I was 12 years old. And if you knew my father, you’d know it was no easy game here! 😉 Later on, I managed to study and pay for college and my living, on my own. I worked both a day and a night job at the same during a certain period of time in my life, just so I wouldn’t borrow any money. I’m not rich, but I am determined, perseverant and proud.


“You’ll never be able… to speak English”

Actually, thank you. To the guy in college who thought French people couldn’t learn any other language (???). I’m glad you only represent a small minority of people, and I thank you for motivating me to speak the language well enough to be able to work in an English environment all day. Yes, I have a French “accent” when I speak English. It doesn’t mean I am not understood. And guess what? I’m now teaching my sons a few words and I’ll bet you they will be bilingual as well!

“You’ll never be able…” is similar to “you’re not made to”. These are very negative sentences. Ones that could have a real impact on someone’s self-esteem. In my view, everyone is capable of almost everything, especially something as technique as learning a new language. It might be easier for some, but everyone can do it.


afraid not to try


“I wish I had… as many friends as you”

First of all, it’s true, I know many people. Another truth is that I get along well with a large group of people. I do have many “friends” on Facebook… but I have very few true friends. I’d say no more than I can count on one hand. 😉 Friendship, like any relationship, is something to work on – constantly. You can’t say hey, here’s a friend and then forget about it. Now that I have a family of my own, most of my friends do too. We all work and have bills to pay. So, it is a lot harder to maintain friendships. I can’t split myself even if I try. However, I do try to send messages, say kind words when needed, try to remember dates of important events in their lives, and be as present as possible. In friendship the numbers don’t matter, it’s the quality that matters.

“I wish I had…” is the type of sentence that shows the envy someone holds towards something you have. The reply that comes to my mind is: then GO. You wish this or that, go for it!

Actually, it could be the real answer to all the sentences above. No more questions or excuses, just put yourself out there and try something. Doesn’t matter if it’s easy or hard, and the question is not if you will be able to? But rather: will you? 😉


Can you remember the loser sentences you’ve heard? How would you reply?


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