Pumping Productivity with Music

It’s Tuesday afternoon, the day is not over and as I’m used to each day, I turn the music on to boost my energy up a little. My youngest woke me up at 5:30 this morning and couldn’t sleep anymore… Guess who’s lacking some sleep? Oh well! 😉

A familiar rhythm strikes. Oh! My song! If you personally knew me, you’d know that many songs are “my song!” 😉 Actually, it was last summer’s one for me. It suddenly brings back so many memories like my friends’ wedding, moments by myself in the car and my first spinning classes. It was not long ago. Still, huge changes and progress have happened since then.

Not only did I start dancing and letting my mind goes back to these memories, but it also made me proud of myself. Realizing you’ve reached many goals in such a short period of time is something to remember!


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Music Tasking!

On top of that, it did boost my energy and I quickly sat back down to accomplish more work, striking one task after another. You may wonder where I’m going to with this post and I have to admit all these different ideas can get confusing. But that’s exactly where I want to go.

This normal Tuesday afternoon made me remember how much powerful music is on my soul, my memories, my productivity and my humor. Music is so powerful on me that it brings multitasking to its highest levels. When music is on, I can listen to it, move in rhythm, sing, write on my computer, think about what I’m writing and having flashbacks all at the same time. I wish I’d be that productive 24/7! 😉


music and brain

What Scientists Say

This state of mind made me research for some studies on the impacts of music on the brain. Language, music, syntax and the brain studies show how music affects the language centers in our brain, helping it organizing the information. This might explain why I can sing, write and think all at the same time! 😉

Another one suggests music can help improve our memory. I’ve myself noticed that associating events and emotions to music turn are lifetime memories.

Also, music and health would be related. This article I found discusses how music was attributed to many healings in ancient times and how it is still associated with health improvement nowadays. Music definitely helps keeping me healthy, mentally and physically. It acts as a stress relief with me when used as I ride my bike or run. It truly influences the energy I put into it as well as my motivation.

It might be because I’ve been raised in a home where music took an important place. Silence was something I learned to enjoy as an adult because it was not experienced often as a child. My sister and I would sing at the Church – yes, those were the times! 😛 – and create choreography in our living room almost every summer days. As a teenager, I played clarinet for five years and was good at it. As of today, I’m a singer. 😉 Not a professional one that’s for sure but I sing on a daily basis, for the fun of it, in the shower, while cooking and working, in the car, etc. I could hardly go without music in life.


Studies mentioned above show that I’m surely no exception! I’m curious to know about you readers! What impacts does music have on you? Could you go without?


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