Overcoming the Lack of Inspiration

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It doesn’t happen very often, but I sometimes suffer from a lack of inspiration. It might be because I’m committed into writing more this year than I’ve never been in my life. Writing has always been fun for me. The only difference is I’m now engaged into a schedule. I do have a list of topic ideas, but sometimes they just don’t look good enough… That is why I’ve found ways to overcome this state and quickly transform my silence into ideas.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned from my 4 years experience as a virtual assistant.


1. Reading

A lot of writers like reading almost as much as they like to write. I’ve found that reading brings a lot of inspiration. My job leads me into mostly reading other blogs, but I also diversify my reading to online news, magazines and books to bring me some topics to address.


2. Personal Experiences

Some could argue that they want to keep a clear distinction between their online life and their personal one. I respect that. However, personal experiences have been a great resource for me. Like turning a lack of inspiration into a post about overcoming it!! 😉 I sometimes get inspired by my family, my friends, my own stories, my kids or my husband. I respect their privacy as much as possible, but I do think others can benefit from these stories. Not to mention that readers will identify themselves more easily if they can relate to what they read.


3. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

We often talk about the downsides of social media and how they’re time consuming. Used carefully, they can turn out to be great sources of information. A quote shared, a picture explained, some prompt news released, etc. can create a great article!


4. Archives

One of the things I like to do the most is going through some archives and do updates of what I wrote weeks or months ago. When I first started as a virtual assistant, I tend to underestimate how people want to know what followed. Simply think about all the trilogies that gathered the world into cinemas in the last years and my point will be proven! 😉


5. Taking Breaks

Sometimes all you need is a little break. Staring at a blank page or screen is almost never the solution! 😉 Better leave it, do something else and come back. Going for a walk is something I’ve used a few times to only come back more energized.


6. Do What Makes You Happy

If you do things that make you happy on a daily basis, chances are you’ll face lack of inspiration less often. Doing things you like will put yourself in a positive mindset and create the desire to share what you do. It is always easier to talk or write about something we know or like.


How do you overcome the lack of inspiration? How does your personal life influence your inspiration?


Photo by Behrooz Nobakht retrieved from Flickr

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