What if Having Fun Was a Goal?

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Let me ask you this: when was the last time you truly had fun? If the answer is not today or at least yesterday, you’re in trouble! 😉 I’m not a social scientist nor a brain analyst, but I wonder why so many people lost the importance of having fun as “grown ups”.

Back in December and January, I’ve heard and read all sorts of goals for the year. As a writer/virtual assistant/marketing professional for financial blogs, I mostly read about financial targets. As for my siblings, they were more related to their health or career. However, NO ONE has brought to me the objective of having fun. Not a single person.

I think we are all missing the puck here (and yes, I include myself because I tend to forget about this essential aspect of life too). It’s a fact, only about 8% of those who made resolutions in the beginning of the year succeed at it. Around 50% have partial successes (University of Scranton, (2014) New Years Resolution Statistics).

Well, I’m 100% convinced that this statistic would be much higher if we would go back to our list and try to find funny ways to reach our intentions.

Including Fun in Goals

You want to lose weight? You enjoy playing soccer or hockey? Go for it! Enroll in a team and you’ll see results a lot faster than forcing yourself to train at the gym with no fun and negative attitude. Whatever it is that you like to do, just do it (with no intent to steal a headline here!). Chances are you’ll want to do more or that gym won’t be a pain anymore.

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You’d like to have a stronger bond with your spouse? Have fun together! Make jokes, play games, tease yourself! Go out and do something you never did before. I’m not talking about a new restaurant or a movie you never watched! 😉 Try to do something silly or simply have fun getting involved in a new activity together. Same with the kids. Stop the discipline for an hour. Just play.

Fun the Stress Out!

Some might respond they have a stressful job, that they are too tired or that they need to be serious. Well, having fun and laugh are wonderful natural stress relievers ( Scott, E. (2014, September 22). Having Fun: Why It Proves Some of the Best Stress Relief). Just like sports, it is a fun act that creates some sort of drug or excitement that relaxes tensions and brings the feeling of being “alive”.

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Bringing fun at work

Is also proven to be beneficial for both the employer and the employee. Employees working in a fun environment tend to be more happy.  In return, happy employees are more loyal and creative.  Sure there are limits. These limits can be much different depending on the type of job you perform. I remember a colleague who would unplug my phone or hide my recycling bin. It instantly created a funny bond between us. Or this former colleague, who is still my friend, that would bring me a coffee on Fridays. It can also be as simple as turning the radio on! (Keen, C. (2008, July 17). Fun at work makes it easier for employees to function on the job).

So, when was the last time I had fun? Just now, writing this post. Yesterday night too, when my husband and I tickled each other for no reason, or last weekend when we went sliding with the kids. Fun is everywhere, as long as you let your inner child out a little. And it surely is one of my goals for life!


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