Small Group Vacations: Win-Win Situation?



My husband and I were planning to go back to the East Coast this summer. It’s not too far from home, considering the idea is to enjoy the beach and oceanfront views. My brother-in-law and his wife suggested we go together.

We were all excited by this idea and thought it was a win-win situation. But really, is it?

Shared Lodging Costs

The first advantage we thought of is the shared costs. We instantly thought we would save a little on lodging fees. As we found the home we wanted to rent last night, I compared it to the previous years. Actually, it costs basically the same. Why?

We thought all we needed was a second bedroom. Shouldn’t cost that much, right? Well… Thing is, when you add a bedroom, you also add bigger common spaces: kitchen, living room, patio, bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you eat at a tiny table when you’re on a romantic getaway, but when you are two couples (plus kids in our case), you need a little more space in order to enjoy your glass of wine! 😉 Basically, what we realised was that with more bedrooms, you automatically add more luxury. It does have a price.

Still, we will have the benefit of more space, more privacy (than a hotel), and direct access to the beach. Things we couldn’t afford on our own in the past.


Groceries Savings… or not!

My sister-in-law and I plan on having a menu for the week and go grocery shopping according to it. It seems like a good way to save. I’m not so sure we will though! We are both epicureans when it comes to food. This is part of our girly side! 😉 We enjoy having long dinners, girly drinks, wine, and of course some chocolate here and there! Although we have the same goal of elaborating simple meals, especially for breakfast and lunch, I doubt we will resist the temptation of a long chatting and tasting dinner… or two… or three!

I guess it might cost more this year in this matter than the previous ones!

Gas Bill Splitted

This is probably the easiest way to save on a small group vacation. All aboard in one car and off we go! Thing is, is there enough space in that car? Not too long ago, we would have been safe. Two couples with light luggage are more than fine in one car. If that is your case, then you’re set! In our case, we have two sons. Therefore, we need a minivan… which we don’t have! We are still working on that part to try to make it work. Maybe renting a minivan for the vacation is worth it, but I sincerely doubt. Maybe we’ll try to borrow one from a friend or family member.

If we have to take two cars for the trip, the bill obviously won’t be split and no savings will be made.

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Memories of a Lifetime

Maybe the only win-win part is the memories we’ll share together. Something I surely don’t underestimate. I’m convinced we will create a stronger bond this summer and am looking forward to it. The four of us have known each other for about a decade now. Although we are very different on many things, we respect others and accept them as they are.

It might still be a risky bet. In some cases, small group vacations, with family or friends, end up with fights or annoyed people. This is why our two couples want some free time on their own. No need to share activities 24/7.

Seeing things on this side, I think small group vacations are a win-win situation. Maybe not for the savings, the shared costs, or for tangible reasons. I stick to my point: it has more to do with sharing a project together and creating a different bond. I might come back with a different opinion at the end of the summer… stay tuned! 😉

What do you think? Ever experienced a small group vacations?

Good/bad stories to share?


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