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Since it’s going on negative one thousand degrees for the third week in a row, I decided to warm myself up looking at spring styles for 2015. Warning to my male readers: this will be all girl talk, but you’re more than welcome to read on! 😉


I may not be running into stores to grab the latest trends, but I will definitely be going into my Mom’s closest to borrow her old outfits! 😉 Large pants from the seventies and eighties are back, as well as color suede and leather, animal prints and safari colors. Stripes and high necklines from the nineties are also making a comeback (why, really?!).


runway trends
Just as I was getting comfortable in my leggings (and proud of my leg lines), large pants are back! I like the fact that they are more straight lined than they were in the seventies. It looks classy and sexy all at the same time. I think I still have a pair of jeans that could fit that style.


So what do I like of these 2015 trends? The gingham that’s for sure. I’ve been waiting for this comeback forever! I’ve always enjoy how it brings color and style to an outfit without ruining the classic look. I like when I can wear an outfit for a professional meeting and then just meet my friends for a chat and a cocktail without having to change. Gingham is perfect for that.


I also enjoy the femininity that uncovered shoulders bring, even though it doesn’t always fit on my athletic shape.


The modern safari is another style that I would adopt, mostly because it’s a soft version of what we’ve seen before. Khaki colors are now mixed up with light beige or whites, which makes them softer and more feminine.


What do you think about the apron skirting? My feelings are mixed about them! As a minimalist, I’m always happy to discover new ways of using something. I’m not sure that this trend fits my suburb city though! 😉 I might try it on a night out with hubby… or maybe not!


Let’s say you’re like me and you don’t want to spend much money on fashion trends that might not last, well here are the 2015 Pantone colors! This is probably what I prefer looking at in fashion. It means I can create my own styles based on these colors. Besides, runway trends are often not very practical and hard to follow.


pantone 2015



This range of colors inspire me a lot. Since we’re also planning on repainting the house this year, I’m glad to see light grey is still a trend. I’ve been waiting for the Pantone trends ever since I worked in advertising for a furniture store. Get prepared to see them everywhere!


I’m curious to know your opinion about fashion trends? Do you look at them? Are you a fashionista? Which one of the spring 2015 styles do you like the best?


Images Source:

Runway pictures from Popsugar through Pinterest

Pantone Image Long Distance Loving through Pinterest

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