10 Uses for your old iPad


Are you set to get a new iPad? If you’re planning on getting one, or if you got one as a gift, don’t let your old one sit on the shelf and collect dust! There are many ways you can breathe life into that old workhorse tablet of yours and make it a valuable addition to your electronic gizmo collection, your car or your home. Plus, re-purposing is good for the planet! 😉


1. Navigation System and Music Player

Safely mount your iPad in the front of your car and you can use it as a navigation system and music player. Apple’s built in maps and the native GPS system on the old iPad is pretty accurate. You won’t have Siri to help you with addresses though, so you’d have to manually enter them. There are also a lot of 3rd party maps and GPS apps with voice navigation, so you may want to check those out as well. Save your favorite songs on the iPad and use the music player to stream music to your car’s audio system via Bluetooth or USB. Don’t forget to still keep your eyes on the road at all times though! 😉


2. In-car entertainment for your kids

If you have kids, you’re probably figuring out ways to entertain them on those long trips. If you have an old iPad, strap it to the back of one of the headrests and use it as an entertainment center in the car. Load it up with your child’s favorite games, movies and music. The back seat will never be boring again.


3. Dedicated Home Music Player and Clock

Get a charging stand for your old iPad and plug in a couple of speakers for a stylish and minimalist music player. iPads are beautiful pieces of hardware made of aluminum, and when mounted on the right stand with matching speakers, they can look downright gorgeous. When docked and not playing your music, there are apps that can show and read the time, like the very cool QLockTwo app.


4. An expensive Picture Frame

Yes, iPads can be used as picture frames. IOS has a built-in “photo frame” mode you can press while the screen is locked. I’m not a big fan of this though, because I feel that even the old iPads are meant do something more. It could be interesting to try it on special occasions, like a 25th anniversary or a college friends reunion.


5. A POS System

Yes, you heard me! You can turn an old iPad 2 (and up) into a fully functioning POS system for retail stores and restaurants. There are a lot of software providers that have an app that enables your old iPad to help you run your business. Take orders, ring sales and print reports, all on your iPad.


6. A dedicated E-Book and Comic book reader

I got rid of all my books and went digital a few years ago. You can turn your old iPad into a dedicated e-book reader by downloading apps like Kobo, Kindle, Nook, and iBooks. These apps have built-in ecosystems where you can purchase e-books and organize your library. For comic book lovers, Marvel has an app where you can buy the latest editions of your favorite comics. You can also check Comixology if you want to broaden you comics horizon.


7. A digital Newspaper and Magazine

If you like to read the paper with your morning coffee, you can turn your old iPad into a digital newspaper. Big names like The New York Times and Time magazine have subscription based services where they’ll send you a copy daily (for newspapers) and monthly (magazines). You can also check out Zinio and other apps that provide subscription services. Just leave your old iPad next to the coffee maker and you’re golden.

ipad kitchen

8. Kitchen Companion

Old iPads are a valuable kitchen helper. You can check out recipe apps like AllRecipes or just use the browser and search online. You can also use the iPad’s built in timer if you’re cooking or baking a time specific recipe.


9. Control your Whole House

There are apps in the market that can turn your old iPad into a badass universal remote control that can control everything: the lights, thermostat, garage door, and even your entertainment center. It’s just like living in the Star Ship Enterprise, but without the Klingons.


10. An extra Touch Screen Monitor

If you need an extra monitor, apps like Air Display can hook up your old iPad to your PC or Mac and mirror the screens. Pretty nifty if you want to use your computer in bed, but other than that I’d stick to my Macbook Pro for bedtime computer use.


On a Final Note

If you have a shiny new iPad, don’t throw your old one just yet. Re-purposing it is a way cooler option than the trash can. If you don’t want to recycle, you can always sell it online, donate it or give it away. Make sure you find a good home for it though, especially if it’s still in tip top form.


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