What single women want….. in a home

Another nice Metro news article from August 2011 that I never got around to posting until now.

Christina Aragon, director of Strategy and Consumer Insights at Rent.com gave a few facts that I found interesting:

  • 72% of single women want a safe neighbourhood
  • 13% of of single women want enough closet/storage space
  • 8% of single women wanted a spacious kitchen

Can I have all 3? 😛

  • 36% of single women rent their current homes
  • 54% of single women are homeowners
  • 10% of single women live with their family or friends for free
  • The older the woman, the more likely she is to own a home

Most interesting fact of all:

42% of single MEN wanted to have a single woman as a neighbour… but only 14% of women wanted single men as their neighbours.

  • 30% of single women wanted to be near families with children
  • 25% of single women wanted to be near couple without children
  • 24% of single women wanted neighbours who had pets instead of having single men next door

Ouch! 🙂 I wonder why.

Do they think that single men are slobbier, more irresponsible and more likely to host loud poker nights/parties with shady entertainment?

Anyway, found the stats interesting and thought I’d share.

I’m not single, but I’d want the same things — a safe neighbourhood, storage/closet space, and a large kitchen. I don’t care about the size of anything else.

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