Go Green, Stay Healthy and Save More

When people talk about going green, the main reason for this is usually out of concern for the environment, which is obviously hugely important to all of us. However there are many more reasons for going green which can affect each of us much closer to home in our day to day lives. Going green can also vastly improve your own health and wellbeing if you take on board some healthy living tips. In addition, a few small changes to your lifestyle can also save you a pretty penny in the bank, as well as helping the environment.

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One of the easiest ways to tick all three boxes of being eco-friendly, pocket-friendly and healthy all simultaneously is to eat less meat. Not to suggest that everyone should suddenly become a vegetarian or vegan, however reducing your (and your household’s) meat intake by just one meal a week would have a significant green impact due to the related environmental processes and costs associated with the farming and manufacturing of meat. In addition, meat is relatively expensive to buy fresh from the supermarket, so you’ll find yourself making an instant saving on your weekly shop from one less joint in the trolley. Plus replacing the meat with more leafy greens and other proteins will ensure you’re getting a balance of nutrition.

In addition to this, you should consider buying local produce where possible, and checking to make sure the fresh foods you buy are organic. Not only does buying local keep money in the local economy, it also saves on transportation costs of goods shipped in from across the country to your local convenience or grocery store. You may find as a result, getting produce from local farmers may actually be more cost effective for you.

One way we are taught to be healthy is to skip fizzy drinks and highly acidic fruit juices for bottled water. However those little plastic bottles have a hugely detrimental effect on the environment, especially if you tend to toss the bottle out straight after. A great way to save money initially is to buy one decent bottle of water and then refill once you’ve finished. If your own tap water isn’t quite up to bottled standards, you could buy a relatively cheap water filter to purify the stuff from your tap. If you find the plastic bottle gets worn after time, why not replace with a reusable bottle, made from aluminium or Perspex, offering more durability. You can then enjoy fresh, tasty water for little to no long term cost, whilst saving on plastic waste and also giving your insides the nutrition and daily detox needed.

Another way you can significantly impact your health and bank balance, not to mention the environment around you, would be to grow your own vegetables where possible. If you have a reasonable patch of garden or allotment, it doesn’t take long for even the most novice gardener to get going and cultivating some tasty produce to make anything from homemade soups to casseroles and roast dinners. Browse online if you need any help with recipe suggestions for this. Obviously being able to add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet at little inconvenience and cost to yourself would be highly beneficial for your health not to mention the environmental impact of less trips to the store and so on.

If you implement even one or two of these great ideas you’ll soon find yourself healthier with a boosting bank balance, all the while helping the environment!

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