How attractive you are, plays a factor in your career

Study from Blogs: Good looks will get you that job, promotion and raise

The study conducted by Jeremy Biesanz, Lauren Human and Genevieve Lorenzo, showed a positive bias toward attractive people. “If people think Jane is beautiful, and she is very organized and somewhat generous, people will see her as more organized and generous than she really is,” says Biesanz.

The researchers say this is because people hare motivated to pay closer attention to beautiful people.

London Evening Standard: Attractive wins and ugly loses in today’s rat race

Those who possess it have a big advantage.

Men especially are ruthless at exploiting their every asset, and are all the richer as a result.

Studies regularly find that the rewards for greater attractiveness are highest for men – 17 per cent on average compared to 12 per cent for women – excluding other factors.

In professional and managerial occupations the gap widens (read more: London article here)

The author, Catherine Hakim also wrote a book called: Erotic Capital: The Power of Attraction in the Boardroom

…which I am thinking of borrowing from the library or buying to read one day.


It’s important and we can’t deny it. Being beautiful is important, which is something a lot of children learn at a young age.

Remember that beautiful girl that everyone loved in school? Or the good-looking guy that seemed to do no wrong?

Yeah. Them. 🙂

As I recall, they were practically worshipped in my school halls, and given all sorts of liberties.


Even so, no matter what you look like, personality counts more to me.

Even if you look like Lucy Liu, if your personality is negative, sour and cruel, you will look ugly to me.

The opposite is true as well!

If you have a sunny, beautiful personality, you will look like a stunner to me.


I read somewhere that beauty is a lot about having the markers of beauty.

So it’s not that you have to look like Angelina Jolie or Kate Moss to be considered beautiful — it’s more about having nice hair, well-kept nails, a bright fresh face and being dressed properly that makes people think you’re good-looking.

HAIR: If you have shiny, bouncy hair, people see it as a marker of beauty, because beauty = health.

WELL-KEPT NAILS: I hate fake nails or long nails (I type a lot), so I chop them very short. What I don’t do, is allow gunk to build up underneath them, and I try to avoid biting them.

BEING DRESSED PROPERLY: This doesn’t mean outfitting yourself in the latest fashions all the time. It’s more about wearing clean clothes that aren’t worn out, in flattering colours/cuts, and most of all — that it FITS YOU WELL.

Showing up to work in raggedy black cropped sweatpants and flip flops is a world away from wearing a simple pair of black pants with ballet flats or low heels.

(No joke, I had an actual co-worker who wore black, cropped sweatpants that were stained all over to a professional work place, paired with flip flops!)

And now I leave you with something funny, but.. quite true:


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