Video Conferencing to Connect for Weekly Meetings


In the technology driven world of today, the advancement in communication options has allowed people to connect with almost anyone in the world within a seconds. Video conferencing has helped communication technology go a long way as this wave of advancement has helped business communication reach new levels of efficiency via allowing them to conduct productive online meetings and instantly make contact with others, especially when collaboration is necessary. Video conferencing is vital when there is need for face-to-face communication with colleagues in any widespread workforce. With rich-media applications, data sharing, and direct voice chat by participants, it is now possible to increase the efficiency and productivity while reducing travel costs of any business.

webinarVideo Conferencing Platforms

There are several different video-conferencing platforms available to make participants experience the feeling that they are in the same room. In order to make call-in meetings more practical and common, video conferencing has turned out to be a tool of preference to bridge the gap when travelling is not an option, as the Conference Zone points out. The platform of video conferencing gives both employees and the business a number of advantages when connecting for weekly meetings. Whether you use a dedicated video conference program, a full teleconference room setup, or whatever free program you download onto your phone, your business will benefit.

The Benefits Of Video Conferencing for Weekly Meeting

In a report on video conferencing, Polycom discusses a number of various benefits the technology can provide businesses of any size and in any industry. This form of technology allows reaching out to as many people as possible in a simple and inexpensive way. According to the report, any business can grow through audio or video web conferencing services integrated with their own infrastructure to hook up with its employees through online face-to-face interactions. Some of the major benefits provided by video conferencing include:

  • Improved Hiring and Retention of Top Talent

Today the world has become a global village. Companies do not hire people from only one region or place anymore; there are millions of potential employees across the globe a company can look into via video conferencing. For instance, conducting live video interviews through Blue Jeans Video Conference can help companies reduce the time and cost of interviewing candidates. This will ease your company’s process of recruitment. Moreover, through video conferencing anyone can talk from anywhere around the world, so it helps employees work on projects from home or while abroad.

  • Sustaining Competitive Advantage

Video conferencing can always be an advantage to companies looking to gain an edge over their competition. Conducting a video conference for weekly progress and update reports can help bring forward a number of potential routes to create more personal, one-on-one relations with employees, thereby improving productivity over competitors. There are multiple paths for initiating and maintaining the competitive advantage in firms whether it’s via instant communication with clients, improving quality control in manufacturing, or increasing internal collaboration between departments.

  • Improved Function in Environmental Initiatives

Video conferencing is a great technology for improving your company’s environmental contributions. Since it cuts back on travel so extensively, there’s no need for you or your employees to use all the fuel required for said travel. Plus, many video conferencing service providers use green energy themselves.

  • Increased Productivity between Diverse teams and Workforces

In weekly conferences, video chat can help in delegating new directions and getting updates from diverse teams spread across large distances. Messages are clearly delivered and there is no communication barrier through this channel. Everyone can participate equally and add value to the group’s decision in a faster and efficient way. The problem of employee’s not paying attention is also curbed through this method, as each and every member in the conference is held accountable for their words and promises in front of everyone.

  • Reduced Cost of Travelling

In order to leverage new market opportunities, it was assumed that people should travel and explore the world around them. The large cost for travel to weekly meetings can be drastically reduced thanks to the instant communication provided by video conferencing. For instance, the transportation costs to and from the airport could be saved and the time spent flying is no longer wasted.

For those who want technology to help in each and every part of their organization, video conferencing can definitely benefit in a variety of ways. In addition to online meetings and regular video conferencing, any business can reach out to their employees through free and paid webinars that can play a vital role in broadcasting the company’s huge successes. Mashable states that video conferencing is excellent for helping with work-life balance as well. Additionally, companies can use video conferencing technology on a weekly basis to discuss facts and figures on sales and performance with their employees in order to provide routes for improvement.

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