When to buy clothes when they are most likely to be discounted

The best sales for wardrobe items are usually in the following months:

  • January = Coats, outerwear and anything winter-y like scarves, gloves and hats
  • February = Boots, High-end jewellery, Cashmere sweaters
  • March = Handbags and Spring raincoats
  • April = Spring Raincoats, All kinds of Dresses
  • May = Spring Shoes, All kinds of Dresses and Suits
  • June = Swimwear, T-Shirts, Shorts and Summer Dresses
  • July = Swimwear and Summer Shoes
  • August = Swimwear, Summer Dresses, Summer Shoes, and Autumn Sales
  • September = Wool Items, Handbags, Backpacks
  • October = Leather Jackets, Suits, Sweaters
  • November = Evening Wear and Boots
  • December = Coats, Cashmere Sweaters and High-end jewellery


A good rule of thumb to remember is: If it is something that is in season, it is not on sale. If it is nearing the END of the season, then it will go on sale.

E.g. Swimwear goes on sale near the end of summer, because they want to liquidate inventory before the Autumn and Winter stuff comes in.

Now for the shopping tip!

Don’t just run out and buy whatever you think you might need in the month we’re currently in.

You should make a list of what you need in your wardrobe during the year, and shop in the most appropriate month for what you need.

Easier said than done right? 🙂

Go forth and shop wisely!

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