Multipoint, Meeting Recording, and Content Sharing

As a form of communication and visual collaboration between people located in different areas, advancements in video conferencing have made the service invaluable in the business world. Long inaccessible to the public due to high costs of infrastructure and the technology required, it is now an exciting technology available to anyone with a computer and broadband connection. Blue Jeans HD video conferencing allows users across the world to connect with each other through high definition video and audio, reducing the need for costly travel and time delays in collaborating with one another.




Multipoint is a video conferencing forum in which multiple users interface with each other with a visual presence on all screens. This enables more than merely two people to talk with each other, bridging through a multipoint control unit from a service provider like the Blue Jeans HD video conferencing service. This mode of virtual communication with multiple participants in an online conversation is highly discussion-based and allows users to engage in personal, face-to-face interactions. With the ability to hold meetings virtually, multipoint not only improves efficiency and quality of digital communication, but it also helps to develop creativity and interaction.


With the newest multipoint systems, often no hardware purchases are required by the end user, making a software-based multipoint system extremely efficient and cost-effective for a company to adopt. In some cases systems are able to support up to 100 participants at a time, and these participants are able to join from a desktop, laptop, or even mobile device. With the Voice-Activated Switch feature, multipoint software senses the participant speaking the loudest and accordingly switches the video for all other participants.


Meeting Recording


Often, time constraints or other scheduling conflicts will not allow a participant to join in a virtual meeting. Systems that provide recording of meetings alleviate this potential problem by having a reliable function of recording the video and audio streams. Afterwards, colleagues who were unable to attend the meeting live can replay the video recording to bring themselves up to speed.


Meeting recording also provides an instant archive for future reference from anyone within the company, providing a greater transparency and knowledge of project workflow. Often, cloud-based systems will provide instant access from anywhere in the world to your recorded meetings. Companies utilize this feature to record product demonstrations or training sessions and then share them with others.


Content Sharing


One of the biggest benefits of video conferencing is the ability to share rich media content to everyone within the meeting. This includes screen sharing, video sharing, and other content sharing. By sharing the contents of a screen, a participant can demonstrate to the others specific software functions or edits to a document, and gain instant feedback and support. Video sharing enables users to instantly play, scrub through, and comment on specific time codes simultaneously. Other rich media content can be shared, giving everyone simultaneous access to particular points of interest within a video or audio clip. This enables group-based collaboration upon projects that might otherwise be difficult to complete by users separated by distance.


Not only does content sharing help communication within an internal network, but it also increases outside sales and interactions with customers. Content sharing gives you the benefit of sharing media with a customer in real time, commenting on a product demonstration as the video plays on both ends of the conversation. This is an easy, straightforward way of developing relationships with sales leads even over a distance: you are able to see live viewer reactions at different points throughout the video.


HD Video Conferencing


With the technological improvements of video conferencing come several key benefits. One of the most important benefits, if somewhat intangible, is the higher resolution video and audio providing by HD video. This enables better communication through the perception of visual cues. A more realistic conversation, as close to possible as communicating face-to-face, will allow users to pick up on subtle non-verbal communication cues. This enables a smoother flow and reduces the chance of misunderstandings or unclear talking points. Once available only on dedicated hardware or high-end desktops, HD video conferencing has now extended to laptops and mobile phones or tablets.


Using this communication technology has proven benefits to a business. One survey indicated that over 54% of business professionals use video conferencing regularly in the course of their business, and this statistic is due to increase. Industry-standard communications systems, especially cloud-based services like Blue Jeans HD video conferencing, are being integrated into existing corporate, non-profit, or small business structures. In the age of increasing globalization, the ability to communicate with peers across the world has great productivity benefits.


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