Is It Time to Find a New Bank?

When you think about it, your bank is likely one of the more important relationships you have. Your money is kept at the bank. You use the bank to make payments. You might even borrow money from the bank. The way your bank treats you can also influence how well you do financially.

When you feel as though your bank isn’t treating you right, it’s tempting to find a new bank, and build a new relationship. However, before you do so, it can make sense to have a little fling. Leaving your bank behind is a big decision. You should compare your opportunities elsewhere before you make the move.

Cheating On Your Bank

Should you cheat on your bank? offers a helpful quiz that can help you decide whether or not to try a different bank. RateSupermarket offers a number of helpful resources that can match you up with the best financial products and services for you. Taking the quiz is a good step toward seeing if you could do better with a different bank.

If you are happy, it doesn’t make sense to look elsewhere. If you feel like you are getting a good deal and a good level of service, you might want to stay put. But if you aren’t happy for some reason, it might be time to shop around a little bit. Have a bit of a fling with another bank to see if you could set up a better relationship elsewhere.

Here are some things to consider as you decide whether or not to leave your current bank for a different banking relationship:

  • Fees: One of the most important things to consider is the fee structure. Does your current bank charge a lot of fees, particularly maintenance fees? If so, you might want to have a fling with a different bank — one that doesn’t charge all those fees. There are plenty of good banks that don’t charge fees.
  • Service: Don’t forget about service. Do you feel like your current bank isn’t providing a high level of service? If so, try another bank. Do a comparison. You can find information online, and read reviews. Being able to get good service is important in your banking relationship.
  • Convenience: It also helps to have conveniences associated with your own money habits and preferences. If you like remote check deposit, look for a bank that offers that. If you prefer to go into a branch, then you need a bank that has locations close to where you are. You should also find out about conveniences like ATMs if you like to get cash while away from home.

It makes sense to consider your options every now and then. It can be hard to switch banks, since you might be comfortable, or you might have a lot of financial transactions with a particular institution. However, if your bank isn’t fitting your needs, you might need to break up with your bank.

Take the time to compare other banks to your current bank. It’s a good idea to figure out what you really need, and then look for a bank that fits those needs. If you sit down and look at your current bank, you might discover that your needs aren’t actually being met. If that is the case, maybe do a little cheating on your bank, and see if you could be better served elsewhere.

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