How is anybody affording this?

Do you ever find yourself listening to a situation and asking: How are you affording this?

I do this out of total PF curiousity because I just want to know so I can do it too! 😛


*I understand that this sounds hypocritical as I am kind of doing the same thing with BF – traveling the world, so I want to point out a few differences:

  1. He is currently unemployed as is she
  2. Their former salaries were in the $50,000 range while living a high octane lifestyle which means almost no savings
  3. They just had a huge splashy $80,000 wedding that they apparently paid for on their own
  4. They keep mentioning how they don’t make money nor do they have savings (WTF?)
  5. They stay in 4-5 star hotels, whereas we look for 2-3 stars!
  6. They fly business/first class, whereas we fly economy
  7. They’ve visited 20 countries (a week each), and we’re going to 4 for 12 weeks
  8. They eat out like maniacs in top restaurants when they’re traveling, whereas we cook when we can

**For me, Anthropologie is expensive, but Forever 21 and sometimes H&M is not.

I also know of another bloggess who seems to be buying a NEW Chanel bag or Christian Louboutin pair of heels at least once a month.

Those things run you a cool $500 – $1000 each. I mean… *mind boggles*

Still, how can these girls afford to be shelling out all the time for $50 – $100+ items!? I agonize over every purchase over $50!!!!

If they were thrifted, I’d understand.. but even so. :\


  1. It SEEMS like they’re spending a lot but perhaps it’s just on a few luxuries (Hmm.. Me likey)
  2. They aren’t coming clean about HOW they’re paying for it (e.g. using points, which I would tell everyone about)
  3. They aren’t telling you that they’re being bankrolled by their parents (shame? guilt? in denial?)
  4. They’re in major, MAJOR debt (ding ding ding!)
  5. They spend all of their money without saving any for the future (which I consider to be an essential budget category)
  6. What they own isn’t actually theirs — they’re renting it
  7. They are secret trust fund babies (shame? guilt?)
  8. They are secret agents and spies undercover (LOL)
  9. They’re secret millionaire lottery winners!!!!
  10. They buy stuff and then return it later

What do you think? How do people afford it?

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