The Idiot’s Wife: The Story of our Shot

I’ve never really talked about The Idiot’s Wife have I?

She got her degree in Photography where she lived in Mexico City and considers herself to be a professional photographer.

The camera she uses is a Sony digital camera that they traveled ESPECIALLY to New York City to purchase.

Yes, they paid for 2 round-trip tickets to NYC for one weekend to buy this lovely camera:

Exhibit A: The Professional Camera They Own


And no, she does not own another camera.

I do believe that you CAN take great pictures without a professional camera (I mean, I like to think my Canon fared pretty well for its price), but to be a real professional, and not an amateur, they ALWAYS have the goods.

It’s like saying that I am a professional makeup artist, but I’m using the free sponge brushes that came with the makeup instead of having my own set of brushes.

Nevertheless, it all doesn’t matter what damn camera she uses, because her photographs SUCK.

I got excited the first time I met her, because I thought:

Hey, my dad’s a photographer!

This is so cool, he’d love to meet another amateur photographer and chat.

Then I saw the pictures, and understood that it was just a bunch of bullsh*t.

You may think I’m being harsh, but I am being realistic.

I am assessing her as a photographer that I’d be inspired to buy a print from like those incredible photographers on Etsy or Deviant Art, or Flickr.

What she takes is 90% blurry which can be an interesting twist (maybe with a bokeh filter) but not really what I expected from a self proclaimed professional.


So once, they took a picture of us as a couple when we were over at their home for a party of some sort.

It was just a casual shot, nothing special, and they were in the picture too.

Mind you, we didn’t even ask for the shot, they said: “Come on! Be in the picture with us.”

Later, she emailed BF the shot, and it was 200 px by 200 px.

A thumbnail.

We squinted, and agreed it was a cute shot in focus, but why the hell was it so damn small?

We just agreed that perhaps she had no idea how to resize a picture to send it via email, because CLEARLY, she made it too tiny, thinking the shot would be too large.

It wasn’t until we told a friend about this later, that he said:

Umm I think she wanted you to buy the shot.

Usually photographers send you a thumbnail to show you what the shot is like.

And if you like it, you can buy the full-sized picture.


It boggled my mind.


If I take shots of my friends, I sent them the pictures as large as possible so they can keep it.

I’m not trying to extract cash out of them just because I took a shot, professional or not.

Hell, for that, I’ll just set the 10-second timer on my camera and do it myself for free.

Not only that, she didn’t even tell BF about the fact that she wanted to sell the shot.

They felt it was impolite to ask for money from friends but still wanted to make money for emailing a digital photograph of us with them.

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