Managing Key Relationships with Video Conferencing


Video conferencing has already come of age in this technologically advanced era. Outsourcing is the norm and companies now require video conferencing so that they can talk to their units located all over the world. However, along with connectivity, video conferencing also improves relationships with management, vendors, workers and staff due to the direct visual contact. If you or your company is thinking about implementing video conferencing as an effective means of communication, you are making a good decision. Besides being cost-effective, video conferencing offers a huge range of benefits in managing key relationships in large companies.

Face-To-Face Is Always The Best?

Some companies swear by face-to-face communication states Connectivity. Facial expressions, voice tone, body language etc. are critical during intensive negotiations and face-to-face communication is the best way to ensure this. Of course, telephone calls are a good option but who knows what people are doing during a call. Video communication is the next best option as it allows users to talk and view the opposing party in real time. Distance is no longer an option and management no longer needs to travel to meet-and-greet employee, vendors, and suppliers. Relationships can be built online and maintained online through video conferencing at any time. Conference calls can clarify meanings, allow viewers to judge body language, drive participation, ensure engagement, and increase efficiency. A few of the immediate relationships benefits apparent in video conferencing are as follows:

Employee Downtime – Outsourcing is common but it also means that management has to travel so that they can interact with outsourced divisions. The time zone difference, travel time and expenses can accumulate in the long term. This constant traveling can also result in a higher staff turnover. These factors are important but another critical factor is that when the staff is traveling, they are inaccessible for work. This results in an inadvertent downtime that can be quite expensive for the company in the end. Video conferencing that is availed from Blue Jeans Network prevents this by allowing staff and workers to connect face-to-face with minimal downtime. The time spent traveling can be converted directly into effective and productive work time that is very useful for the company.

Competitive Advantages With video conferencing, companies can ensure a competitive advantage over other companies in the same field says Polycom. Video conferencing makes it possible to contact vendors, suppliers, supply chain intermediaries, etc. accessible all through the day from anywhere in the world. In case of urgent orders or emergencies, companies can contact vendors and suppliers directly through video conferencing and expedite orders based on a quick chat. As videoconferences are recorded, this chat also acts as a visual confirmation for orders and vendors do not have to wait for written orders to come through.

Establishing Brand Loyalty – Staff and employees should be able to identify with the company and its products. However, this works just as well with customers. As a company, you may have to reach out to customers located halfway across the world. The first visits may be face-to-face but constant travel can be difficult for staff. However, visual communication through a video conference can be reassuring for customers during peak business times. Face-to-face meetings can also assure customers of your interest in their business and it definitely increases brand loyalty and customer loyalty.

Reduced Management and Employee Stress – Direct chats are a great way to encourage worker cooperation and morale says Gigabyte. Writing emails and detailed training manuals is quite useful for staff but nothing beats a direct face-to-face chat. Training and HR staff can set up regular sessions with workers to help them with training and to clear doubts. HR staff can also interact with workers and settle any personal issues, etc., which require immediate attention.

Work Flexibility – Large companies can offer work-from-home options with video conferencing packages. With a good video conferencing package, it is possible for employees to ask for and get work-from-home options. This not only improves worker productivity but it reduces employee turnover and assures them that the company is invested in their wellbeing says WSJ.

Easier Management of Globally Scattered Teams – Personal connections with globally scattered teams can be tough but video conferencing can prevent all that. With live video function, it is possible to tailor-make each video training session to suit a particular geographical area and culture without even moving from the head office.

Face-to-Face Video Calls Get the Job Done

Even with so many technological advances, face-to-face meetings are essential to establish personal connections in the business world. With more and more businesspeople working with each other in different work zones and regions, it does become difficult to establish these connections. With video conferencing from expert firms like Blue Jeans Network, studies have shown that it is possible to increases sales, establish brand loyalty, encourage workers to feel connected, and ensure vendor loyalty as well. In fact, large companies should use conference calls, emails, texting, social conferencing, etc. to establish personal connections with customers, staff and vendors. All it takes is the right package deal and you are good to go.

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