Would you pay for an unpaid internship?

Love me some Gemma Ward.

Vogue’s unpaid internship position went at auction for $42,500


Clearly, that person had the money, and really wanted to work there for free.

The experience must be incredible, but it kind of taints it if you paid for it, no?

Wouldn’t people say: Hey, look at that person who PAID to work here for FREE. They only got in because they had the money, but it doesn’t mean they were the best pick out of the crop.

As for me, I could see myself paying to work for free, if it was something I knew I really wanted to do, and there was NO other way to do it.

That being said, I wouldn’t have forked over $42,500. Heck, I don’t even spend that in a year on myself!

What about unpaid internships in general?

I can’t ever recall working for free just to have it on my CV or for the experience, so I am useless on this topic.

Therefore, I turn to you readers:

What motivated you to work for unpaid internships (if any)?

And would you fork over money to work for free?

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