What are Your Summertime Travel Plans?

My son will be out of school in a little more than two weeks, and we’re talking about what we want to do. We had a great trip to San Diego for Spring Break, and my son is excited to plan the next adventure.

However, as much as we’d like to go crazy this summer, the reality is that we might not be able to do some serious travel. For us, summer brings with it a great deal of uncertainty. My husband’s class schedule is off-kilter, and he usually has a few surprises that he springs on us, which makes planning ahead a little difficult. On top of that, once again, we’re in job search mode, so making plans to travel this summer might conflict with other obligations. Like maybe possibly perhaps moving.

Planning Small Trips

As a result of these realities, my son and I are planning small trips this summer, most of them connected to the outdoors. We know that we’ll go camping when my sister and her family come out for a visit, and we’ll probably go camping at least once or twice more beyond that.

But my son and I also want to enjoy some other adventures. As a result, I’m looking into day trips that can be made using our hometown as a base. The good news is that there are a lot of options. There are several hikes that we haven’t been on. Last summer, my son got really into hiking, so I want to explore some of the natural beauties in the area. That should provide us with a little novelty travel right here where we live (of course, we have to wait for the snow to melt off the mountains in some cases).

We also plan to take a couple of small trips to see my parents during the summer. It’s not a long drive, and sometimes all you need is to get away for a couple of days. I’d like to plan a bigger road trip later, so that we can go visit my husband’s sister when she moves to Oregon, but we’ll see if that pans out. I think it could be a fun trip — if we can convince my husband to join us.

Some day, I’d like to plan the road trip of all road trips, which involves driving north, and then heading east across Canada. Then I’d drop down the Atlantic coast (visiting family along the way) and then drive back west to get home. It would be a big loop, and it would be a lot of fun. I love road trips. But that’s a major undertaking that would require a great deal of planning. Or at least a month of available time.

Summer is a great time to get together with friends and family, and do a little traveling. Whether you are more inclined to participate in staycations, or whether you have something major planned, now is a good time to consider your options. What are you doing this summer?

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