The End of the World I Used to Know

I recently gave birth to my second child, a charming little boy. Now, almost five weeks later, I realize it is yet again the end of the world as I used to know it. I first heard this sentence (or similar one) in the movie “P.S. I Love You” and I always remembered it as it is meaningful to me.

There have been many determining moments in my life that represent the end of the world as I used to know it.

Moving Away from My Parents’ House

This is the real first one. For many personal reasons, I unfortunately didn’t have a very happy childhood. Moving away from my parents house truly was a chance to start the life I always wanted. To me, it was almost a rebirth and the first years have been filled with ups and downs. However, this is where I started to truly be myself.

Maxime: The Loved One

Even though I had a couple relationships before, the day I met my husband was the end of the world I used to know. The feelings I had for him were new, unknown and even scary. I soon discovered he would be the partner of the biggest adventure of my life: having children.

Xavier: The First Child

What’s particular with a baby is that you soon realize almost all you do in a day is NOT for yourself. Basic needs become secondary: you sleep when you can (IF you can), you eat when you can (IF you can) and you take a shower when you can (IF you can)! It is scary and you begin to think you’ll never have a life of your own anymore…until you accept that you have a life, just a new one.

Remi: The Second Child

I thought that my experience as a mother would save me from that end of the world feeling. I was wrong. I’m a lot more “Zen” about it though. I thought having a second child would be a continuity. Well, it’s not. It’s a whole new life again, with ups and downs, but more importantly with a new human being to discover, to love and cherish. The difference with the first child is I know it’s normal. I also know that my life will never be the same again.

Accepting the Chaos

No one can prepare you for the love of your life or for your role as a mother or father and other big changes in your life. All these experiences have taught me a lot, but what my second child is learning from me now is to welcome the chaos. I’m truly letting it in as I know now how much love will come from it and that the chaos will eventually bring something better than before.

Applying the Chaos Theory

You can definitely apply this theory in many aspects. I mentioned examples on a personal level, but it can be applied financially, professionally, physically, etc. Sometimes, you have to welcome chaos in order to create something better.

I wonder when I’ll feel it’s the end of the world I used to know again. What about you? Have you ever felt the like this? Where would you be ready to invite chaos in?

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