Weird MBA Questions that are fun to answer

These are some of the strange MBA Admissions questions thrown to applicants, and I thought it’d be fun to answer a couple (without the whole pressure of wanting to become an MBA student, of course).

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

A cherry blossom tree, of course.


Because they’re pretty for only a short period of time, and it’s great to be reminded of how fleeting life is — so enjoy every moment of it.

I also ADORE that the Japanese have a whole culture around spending those weeks in awe of the blooming sakuras.

If they did a movie about your life, what actor or actress would you choose to play you?

Kate Winslet. She just seems so … refreshingly honest and down to earth without being too artificial in her beauty, of that makes any sense.

Plus, can she work this Oscar dress, or what!?

What is the worst book you ever read?

The Dim Sum of all Things by Kim Wong Kelter.

Hated it. I finished it because I don’t like leaving books unread, BUT I HATED IT.

The main character was whiny, annoying and so NOT in charge of her life.


I know many people would pick Twilight, but even with its juvenile writing, I still enjoyed the general content.

Here’s a list from Good Reads of The Worst Books of All Time, not that I agree with most of the list….

What was the last thing you ate?

An apple!

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