New Year’s Resolutions… to Win!

Every time a year is ending, I think about what I could do better for the year coming. I’m surely not the only one! About 45% of Americans usually make resolutions. I’m quite sure statistics are similar for Canadians.

According to a researchers group of the University of Scranton, number one resolution made is (not surprised): to lose weight. Thing is only 8% of people achieve their resolutions. Some tactics can help holding on though:

  • Keep it simple: Not time for large bucket lists! Shorter and simpler equals higher chances of success.
  • Make it measurable: Just like any goal, having metrics to evaluate your resolutions will definitely help you achieving them. You want to see your friends more often? Often is what? Once a month, a week, etc.
  • Believe you can do it: You will have hard times in pursuing your goals. However, if you keep on believing and having confidence, experts say it will play a role into your actions to get to it. It’s not magical thoughts but many psychologists say it does influence your acts.
  • Share it: Studies show that those who share their goals with friends or family are in greater chances to achieve them. Social media can surely help out doing so and keeping your followers informed of your progress. That way, you have no choice but go forward!

Winning Part

This is where winning comes into play!! Lowest Rates Canada launched an interesting Holidays Promotion this year. Sharing your financial resolutions with them can make you win $500 to help out at your goals! Isn’t it a nice New Year’s gift? I participated myself and thought of sharing this opportunity with you readers! Simply follow the link below to enter the contest and don’t hesitate to share it on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus for additional entries (use #MyKindaSavings to validate).

*Important Note: Contest is held in Canada only.

My Own Resolutions

This year, I thought of three categories in which I’d like to focus myself: Financial, Personal and Sport. As you probably know by now, I’m currently pregnant of my second child. It comes with challenges in these three categories. Maternity leave will impact on our finances; having 2 boys to take care of will influence my personal relations as well as the level of sport I can handle. However, this third one is quite important to me as I wish to lose all weight gained during pregnancy.

What are these three goals?

Financial: Dropping our Credit Card balance by at least 50%
My real objective would be to drop it to zero, but I know it will be difficult while on maternity leave. I prefer keeping it modest and be more confident in it. P.S I know it’s not a good thing to have a credit card balance… shame on me! 😉

Personal: Seeing 2 Friends per Month
Since I’m a mother, it happens often that a month went by without hanging out with a friend. We’re quite close to our families and I surely want to keep that, but I want to give bigger place to my closer friends as well. These 2 meet-ups per month don’t have to be very long. A coffee, a walk or a supper shared with a loved friend will make me happy!

Sport: Go back Horseback Riding 2 months after Giving Birth
I was back at my horseback riding lessons 6 weeks after giving birth to my first child. I’m confident I can achieve that again. It’s a passion for me, but it will also help getting me back in shape. I also know that the longer I wait to go back, the harder it’ll get.

*Note: I didn’t put my weight loss into my resolutions as this is not really a resolution to me but rather something I NEED to do. I prefer setting sport objectives instead of weight loss. I’m sure the weight loss will follow by itself.

Wish you good luck with the contest and may you all have a very Happy New Year!


What about you? Will you participate in the Lowest Rates Contest?
What are your financial (or not financial) resolutions?

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