5 Free (Yet Romantic) Gifts for Your Lover + What to Avoid

With the Holidays coming, we often wonder how to please the loved one. Over the years, I discovered that the best “gifts” given or received were always the ones that cost nothing. The actual gift was: quality time spent together. This is why we decided a couple years ago to simply not buy anything for each other. Instead, we book a night only for the two of us.

So here are 5 ideas to turn a free gift into a special event.

1- Love Declaration

It can be through a letter, a song, a poem or a video, but a love declaration sincerely made will always be welcome. Think about creating an ambiance to do so: candles, subdued lighting, fireplace lighten up, etc. This can also be a perfect timing for a romantic proposal! 😉

2- Original At-Home Supper

Think about your menu in terms of your favorite meals as a couple or for the other. Of course, the idea is to cook yourself so your lover will appreciate your efforts. If this is something you do on a daily basis, bring a special twist to it with simple changes in the house: table in front of the fireplace, cozy on the floor dinner or you can have each course in a different room.

Another way to see this is to add humour or creativity to it. You can imagine a role and play it for a while. You can bring back memories by cooking meals that relate to a story or a trip you made. Or you can plan a “strip dinner”! 😉

3- Bring the Spa at Home

I’m thinking about a romantic bubble bath, a massage, a relaxing drink, etc. During winter, you can even recreate the warm and cold benefits of the spa. Have a warm bath and then spend a relaxing but cold moment outside, previously organized with backup lights, a small fire, deck-chairs, etc. The idea is to use things you already have of course. Don’t go buy all these!

4- Loving to Dance!

If you’re like my husband, you don’t really like dancing and barely dance. If your lover is like me, she or he loves to dance! Make an effort and go for a dancing night! You can previously learn one or two dances to make a big impression, but it doesn’t really matter! As long as you dance with him or her and try your best!

Some dance classes offer free trial! It can be done that way, simply at home or into a nearby club.

5- Treasure Hunt

I know I said free… and it is! This is something I remember reading about for a guy bachelor. But it can surely apply to a couple. The idea is to go back to places that mean something to your couple and hide something to be found. It can be a picture, a small letter, etc. If it’s possible, a long walk is perfect for this because I personally think we tend to talk more while walking than in the car. In any case, have a ride to places of your first dates and bring back good memories by recreating important events of your couple’s story.

On a side note, you can always mix 2-3 ideas together to make your own special night! My only hope is to bring some inspiration. 😉

What to Avoid

1- Please don’t Touch

This is an important note, especially for girls. Please do not think it will please your lover to have the garage or any “boy” room cleaned up for him. Most men hate when their wives stick her nose in their men’s things! Just like most women would hate having their husbands rearranged the kitchen!

2- It’s not About You!

Don’t do something only for you. Don’t plan a dance night out if your lover hates it! Think about pleasing your loved one and having fun at it will come by itself!

3- Too Simple, Too Ordinary

The idea of this whole post is to be creative. All the ideas are quite simple, but not so ordinary. If your romantic supper is made of a meal done weekly on your regular plain table garnished with your two regular mats… chances are your “gift” won’t be seen as one.

On a final note, have fun during these Holidays! Hope you all have a great time!

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