The Idiot’s Wife: The Story of The Calendar

We went over on a different occasion, to meet all of their friends..

It was near the time when BF and I were first dating.

It was at a time when my French was horribly shaky and it was difficult for me to understand what they were saying.

So I had to get the whole scoop of the night from BF.


They were passing around this calendar to all of their friends in the circle and it made its way to me and BF.

It was a calendar with pictures of their kids (blurry, red-eyed, too close) on each of the 12 calendar months.

I was thinking:

That’s cute.

It’s something that I’d do for my kids later…

I mean, I’d have taken sharper images with a higher shutter speed because kids like to move and play, but it’s a good idea.

Later, BF asked me what I thought about the calendar taken by a professional.

I told him that truthfully, I didn’t want to be rude, but the photos were too blurry to be judged properly. I wouldn’t have posted those pictures on there for a family calendar.

He gave me the side-eye and said:

Your French wasn’t so hot I know, but she was actually trying to sell that calendar to us.

She was trying to sell a calendar of THEIR blurry children for $25 a pop.

My mouth dropped open.

I couldn’t believe it then, and I kind of still can’t believe it now.

I mean.. first of all, it’s of their kids.

Who the hell wants pictures of other people’s kids on their calendar?

There were families there, who would have probably enjoyed having THEIR kids in the calendar.

And second of all, you then check the quality of the blurry, demonized, red-eyed photographs and you think:

Heck I can do better on my own, so thanks for the idea.

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