Pros and Cons of Love Texting

Now that smartphones are litterally part of our lives, texting for a couple is quite frequent. Most couples actually text on a daily basis. However, a study from the Brigham Young University shows it comes with pros and cons.

Serious and Emotional on the Phone?

According to this study, serious or emotional conversations should be taken away from the cell phones. For example, texting for apologies, conversations related to important decisions and even work out differences are associated with lower quality relationships!

I must admit I’m not surprised by these results. Writing in general is missing important shades to make sure the message gets interpreted correctly. Voice has a tone; with one-on-one discussion, you get facial expressions and so much non-verbal language that it becomes a lot easier to correctly interpret the other. Considering most people texting abbreviate a lot of words and even delete some, message soon becomes very different from its original meaning.

Textual relations in these regards have a negative impact and partners will eventually become unhappy.

Bigger the Better?

Moreover, too much texting can create a disconnection between lovers. To me, too much texting can easily be perceived as a lack of trust or jealousy from the other partner. Having my lover always checking up on my shoulder would personally easily get on my nerves!! 😉 Still referring to the study, men would be more affected by this texting problem than women.

At first, I thought this study was made with only young couples, which could have explain these late results; meaning that partners of a starting relationship often need more “liberty” than long-term couples living together or having a determined routine. However, I must add that a certain amount of people in the study were in what they considered a serious relationship, others were engaged and some others were married. Perception therefore seems to be shared by almost all types of comitted couples.

Creating a Bond

On the other hand, using texting to enhance emotional feelings are warmly welcome from both women and men. Sending little “I love U” or sweet words can actually help the couple to create a bond. Point is, if you don’t have something nice to write, better keep it for later! 😉

If communication is a key in a relationship, texting surely has a bigger impact on couples than what we would tend to see.

What about you? Does using texting is part of your couple? How much of an impact does it have on you?

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