How Good Are You At Recycling?

Today November 15th is World Recycling Day. This originally US day was started back in the 90’s when the goal was mainly to promote buying good made with recycled materials. It has surely evolved since then. With the world population growing, wastes of all sorts are also in progress. On this particular day, I wonder how good I am with the recycling process.

1. Reduce

First and probably “greenest” way to participate in recycling, reduce means to diminish the amount of waste you generate. On a personal note, this is a work in progress for me. I’m trying to consume less and smarter, but still need to make big improvements.

2. Reuse

Simply put, this is the concept of reusing a product that has not been changed at all, or very slightly. Reusing bags, commercials jars, etc. is an example. Another is to encourage second-hand stores, garage sales or resources center by giving or buying. This is something I’m actually not bad at. I don’t think I ever threw a piece of clothes in the garbage. I’ve always donated it or reuse them as dishcloth when they’re worn out. I could get better at reusing commercial packaging though.

3. Recycle

That’s when the first two steps didn’t succeed and the product goes into a mechanical process in which the material will be transformed. It demands a lot of resources and could be seen as not so “green” when considering them. This is why it should be considered at the last option. I must admit I don’t recycle all I could. Shame on me! Will definitely take today in consideration to start new habits on that matter.

4. Rethink

This one is always put at the bottom, but I personally think it’s the genius one! Basically, it’s thinking outside the box and giving a product a whole new purpose. It often needs transformation and creativity but results are impressive. I very much admire artists that work with used materials to make such great pieces! This is why I decided to share some pictures of rethinking ideas! This is definitely my weakest point. Let’s get inspired now!

I’m not a liquor fan, but I like this idea of reusing nice looking glass bottles into dispenser of any sort.



Creating vintage furniture with old wooden crates and pallets is a new trend! Use it! 😉



This is exactly what I was referring when mentioning I admire recycling artists. Isn’t it beautiful!?



Considering that tires take 100 years to totally disintegrate in nature, this idea looks genius to me!


I could have published many many more… but these are my favorites for now!

So, how good are you at recycling? What note would you give yourself out of ten? I thought I was not so bad, but now I realized I’m not good at all… Maybe only a 4.5/10! Definitely something to take care of! 😉

Images credits: Recycling logo, Jack Daniels, Crates and Pallets, Bottles Caps Art by Mary Ellen Croteau, Ottomans from Tires

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