How to Prepare for a Convention

Some of you might own or write for a blog just like I do. If so, you might be aware of the FinCon conference taking place this weekend at St. Louis. As you read these lines, I’m already there with many other financial bloggers! 😉 To me, it has been months since I’ve started to get prepared for it and the excitement is now at its highest peak!

So imagine your company or yourself decided you should attend one. Now what? How to get prepared for it?

Think About It!

The sooner you know about it, the better. As soon as the decision is made, subscribe to the conference’s newsletter if there’s one or visit the website on a regular basis. This will provide you with handful info, give you realistic expectations and give you time to set achievable goals while you’re there.

Personally, FinCon newsletter has really helped me get prepared. I knew who were the speakers, I consulted the schedule and noted which conferences was the most interesting for me, it gave lodging tips and also helped me decide what clothes I should bring for a proper dress code!

Plan Ahead

At least one or two weeks before the event, make a plan that includes your expectations and goals, the conferences you’ll be attending, the meetings or parties you’d like to go, etc.

Do not full your schedule for 12 hours a day with no break though! This will certainly be unproductive after the first day! Keep in mind that these conferences are energy taking and you’ll need free time to think about you’ve just learn and relax a little. Also let “free” time available for spontaneous meetings or hangs out. If you think your time will be more profitable having a coffee with a long time or new partner than attending conferences all day, go for it!

Some Job Can’t Wait!

If you’re leaving a couple days, make sure urgent stuff is done at your job before leaving. You might be reachable, but you won’t necessarily be that available either. Make sure you put your efforts into URGENT tasks only for the 3-4 days before your departure. You’ll have all the concentration you need to achieve them. What will be left can either wait or can be done during your travel if you have wi-fi access.

The Day Before!

There, you’re getting all nervous now… Doesn’t mean you can’t prepared a little more! I’m a to-do lists fan! I make lists for the week, the day, the month, etc. Therefore, it’s essential to me to make one the day before I leave. Note all your to-do’s before the departure and also what you’ll need once there.

On a personal note: Check your flight… twice!! At least 12 hours in advance, make sure your flight’s time hasn’t changed! Our flying company has modified the itinerary and flight time a week before by email… that we somehow never received! So we missed the flight and had to rearrange all the schedule. This is unfortunately a true story!


Once you arrived, simply enjoy the moment. If you got all your preparation done before your departure, there’s no need to stress out while you’re there. Keep in mind why you come and be yourself as this will be your best tool to make good impression.

Any other tip that help you get prepared for an important event?

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