What did you receive for your college graduation?

When I graduated, I received major pressure from my mother to attend my graduation (I skipped it, as I find ceremonies horribly boring).

In contrast, everyone else in my family was in favour of me SKIPPING my graduation, getting pictures taken on the near-empty college lawn while everyone was stuck inside the stuffy graduation hall and then going out for sushi after (my favourite!)

I chose the latter, of course 😉

It is definitely far more humble and low-key than these lucky kids who got a nice apartment from their parents in NYC, no less!

Real estate brokers say that in the last year, they have seen more parents shopping for apartments for their grown children, hoping to take advantage of low mortgage rates and apartment prices that are still about 20 percent down from the market’s peak.

These congratulatory apartments are often studios or small one-bedrooms, but on occasion they are bigger-ticket items, he said, because “the parents see it as a long-term investment and a good place to park their money.”

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It reminds me of Frugal Scholar saying that giving a Dr. Seuss book (no matter how cute and original you think it is), is one of the worst gifts you can give a graduate.

She writes:

Graduates start getting copies of this book [Dr. Seuss] at Kindergarten graduation (a ridiculous concept, if you ask me). Then they get more at the various other graduations.

I once had a student who received 18 copies at her high school graduation.

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What FS suggests instead is her trusty Lamy Safari Pen in Yellow.

Good choice, I say!

Here are her posts on the matter:

Personally, I prefer cash, although many might see it as being quite cold and impersonal.

What did you get for graduation? 🙂


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