The Mary Kay Black and Pink World: Would I recommend it?

After reviewing The Approach, How it Operates in 15 Points and My Own Experience, time to conclude on this series has come! Will I recommend it to you dear readers? Did I make money as an Independent Consultant?

–>How to resume the Mary Kay Black and Pink World?

Did I Make Money?

There are two ways of seeing this. As a positive person, I prefer saying I didn’t lose money. I managed to sale the same amount that I paid my products, which is around $2,800. However, I have to be honest and say that I surely lost money if I start counting the hours put in it, the gas for my deliveries and the small expenses made for packaging products (wrapping paper, ribbons, etc.) and samples given to my best customers.

Quick note: For those who might doubt about my selling abilities, $2,800 4 months with average of 15 hours per week makes $46.66/hour. I don’t think it’s bad at all. This is why I think my unsuccessful experience has more to do with the way Mary Kay operates than me.

My decision in keeping some inventory could be debated by the entrepreneurs among you. While keeping an inventory helps guarantee faster and better customer service, you also have to understand that beginning Independent Consultants are very much influenced in choosing this option. The recruiter doesn’t make a cut out of it, but the company (Mary Kay) surely encourages so as it is money in even before the consultant starts selling.

A+B = C+

How could I resume this whole series? As I’m writing these lines, I didn’t read any feedback from you. I’m sure the subject will generate some comments, worth of answers. I guess the best way to end the series is therefore trying to anticipate your questions and answer them here.

1. Is it possible to make money as a Mary Kay Independent Consultant?

If you’re ready to work your ass off at nights for a year or two, I guess the answer is yes. Truth is, nothing is impossible, but the illusion of working 5 flexible hours a week and making money – read more than $300/month – is very difficult to achieve.

2. If I recruit consultants, then it might turn out to be profitable?

Persons who manage to make 5-10k per month are mostly directors. They have at least 20 persons in their team. It took them from 2 to 5 years to achieve this. Years during which they had to work long hours: days, nights and week-ends. I don’t question their paychecks; I question what is said versus what is done. How many hours did they have to work? Are they really happy? Do they feel its flexible hours?

–>Do they really feel like they’re their own boss? I really wonder and would heavily doubt so!

3. What do you think of the organization chart?

The term pyramidal can’t be used. However, the more you buy as an Independent Consultant, the more money your team manager will get. I think the organization chart and how it operates add pressure, bullshit and illusion to the ones that just got in.

4. I don’t understand why you say rewards and gifts are part of a cult? I’d love them!

Rewards, gifts, seminars and pretty much everything organized by Mary Kay has the goal to keep you motivated, ensure a high level of performance, promote Mary Kay’s values and ideal and keeping you engaged in achieving this ideal. Erase the name Mary Kay and it looks like a Religious group!

5. Would you recommend this opportunity?

If you’re already an Independent Consultant, I won’t discourage you. You surely have something to learn from it just like I did. Perhaps you found what was suited for you. Don’t get me wrong though. I would not recommend this “business opportunity” to my friends or family. If you’re truly seeking to become your own boss – run, run away from Mary Kay – then, you better look for other opportunities. If you’d be interested only to make money – run again – it’s definitely not the most paying job out there. “Unlimited possibilities” preached within the company is only true if you also have unlimited hours – or unlimited years for the ones who keep it part-time – to dedicate to it.

–>A C+ note, that’s it! 😉

The Evil Queen?

To me, Mary Kay is not much different than any other multi-level marketing company. As I’ve been approached by Primerica as well, I can compare their strategy and they look very similar. “Helping others”, “True values”, “Human approach”… these phrases seem to be the chore of these businesses. Just like the Evil Queen is beautiful and dark at the same time, Multi-level Marketing Companies sell dreams more than anything else. The thing is dreams remain dreams for most of the fellows trying to make a good living out of it. What seems to prove me right is that out of around 10 consultants I interacted with every week for a couple months, I know of only one that is still in the business! Even my director is not a Pink Lady anymore!

–>She’s back into daycare management – what she supposedly left to have a “better” life with Mary Kay!!

That is what concludes this big series! I can’t wait to read your thoughts about it! On a side note, I now work part-time as a Virtual Assistant and Marketing Manager for my brother-in-law. I have real flexible hours so I can spend a lot of time with my 2 year old son. I did reach my ideal, except it had nothing to do with Mary Kay! 😉

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