The Mary Kay Black and Pink World: How it Operates in 15 Points!

In the first post of this Mary Kay Black and Pink World series, I went through the approach Independent Beauty Consultants use to make women feel friendly towards the company and themselves. You’ve probably noticed how free samples and products are part of their recruitment strategies. Let’s go deeper into the Black and Pink World in the form of the discussion (question/answers) I should have truly had if I haven’t been approached by a family member who I trusted. I did have many parts of this very discussion, but not all at once, which was probably a mistake.

In fact, I surely have the profile of a successful saleswoman as I’ve also been unsuccessfully approached by Primerica a couple years before. For some reason, Mary Kay consultants made me feel more comfortable and a lot friendlier so that these discussions ended up to be very enthusiastic and somehow reassuring.

1. How would I make money by being an Independent Beauty Consultant? How much can I expect?

First of all, you make a 50% profit of every sale you make. So if you sell a product that costs $100, you make $50 since the product cost you $50. The income you’ll make really depends on what you want. If you start with only 5-10 hours per week, you can surely end up with an extra $200 per week. But keep in mind that you set your own limits. Remember the checks the Director showed you? She did almost $10k in a month not long ago! And $6k this month! Every consultant can earn that if she wants to.

2. That means I have to buy the products before selling them?

Yes, but it’s very simple to do. The website is easy to work with and we have a phone number we can use if we have any question. Besides, you don’t have to buy them all. Since you’d be in my team, I will help you knowing what products you should really hold and which ones you can buy only when you sell one.

3. What exactly is a team?

Every consultant can have her own team if she wants to. Because I am the one who introduced you to Mary Kay, you’ll be in my team. The more women I have in my team, closer I get to being an official Sales Director.

4. How many hours do I need weekly?

It’s all up to you and what you want to achieve, but you can surely start with 5-10 hours per week. We don’t want anyone to quit her job without truly knowing if she likes the Mary Kay Opportunity. That’s why you start with a few hours and add more if you want to.

5. What’s the difference between a consultant and a director?

A Consultant sells products and can have a small team. A Sales Director has at least 26 women in her team. A National Director needs 10 Sales Director in her team to become one.

6. If I have 2 women in my team, do they count in my director’s team?


7. Does that mean you will be making money out of my sales?

Not exactly. We’re not really a multilevel business because your commission is not lower to pay me. You will always get you 50% profit, but Mary Kay sends an extra income to consultants that have their teams to compensate their time in training. It does make sense since I’m there to help you and show you everything I know. This is why I’m sure you can do it, you won’t be left alone. If having your own team interests you, I’ll be there too to help and you’ll be making more money.

8. What type of training can I expect? I know nothing about make-ups.

Once you get your starting kit, there is the Mary Kay Ash book that you truly have to read. You’ll know where Mary Kay comes from and it’s very inspirational. Concerning make-ups, there are also handouts in the kit that will teach you the basics of mixing up colors for instance. The Mary Kay website also includes many tutorials and tips. It’s very easy to learn. I didn’t know much about it at first. On top of that, Mary Kay organizes trips all around the world that you can get to and know about all the new products and techniques! Some even get there for free because they achieved their goals! You get to meet very inspirational women too. It’s amazing! Anyways, if you can’t make it, no worries! I will go for sure and I’ll teach you what I learned when I come back. This is why you don’t have to have a background in the cosmetics. You have plenty of resources around you if you have questions.

9. What goals are you talking about?

Each consultant have their own goals depending where they are and where they want to go. Every time you engage in one and achieve it, you’ll get a reward. It can be free products, jewels, trips and even the nice Cadillac pink car! We all want it, trust me! And what I like about all the goals is that you can take a month or a whole year to achieve them! It all depends on you and what you want to do.

10. Wow! Really? Do you really know someone that got a free Cadillac pink car?

Of course I do! You remember Ms. Beauty, my director? She just got one! She will receive it next week! She can show you pictures if you want to, but you’ll surely see her with it soon!

11. Then what would be my first goal?

The first goal is very easy and will help you. In order to have your Independent Beauty Consultant pin, you have to make at least 10 persons try the Satin Hands kit. It’s such an incredible product that is easy to sell and you make a good payout out of it! It will also help you making your first contacts as a consultant. Then, I will help you organize your launching party! That’s always a fun day! Once that’s done, you’ll decide what you want to do and I’ll help you achieve it!

12. I got one question though! Why are Mary Kay products not sold in stores?

That’s because Mary Kay Ash started this company to help women finding success in their own business. She wanted to help as many women as possible becoming independent. If Mary Kay was to sell in stored, the women selling them wouldn’t make a decent profit out of it. They would be paid on an hourly basis just like a 9 to 5 regular job. Instead, you take your own decisions; you make your own schedule; you are your own boss and you make good money out of it.

13. But where do I get customers?

You can start up with your family and friends. You simply have to explain that you’re starting your business and that they can help you out. You can also tell them to invite someone. I recommend you to not organize private parties before your official launching. Go one on one with the Satin Hands for now so you get less shy. Then, you can come in a private party with me and see how I do it.

14. Once I’ve invited all my friend and family, what will I do?

Word of mouth works out well for us. Do not hesitate to talk about it to as many people as you can. You might have noticed that at the end of every class we make customers write names and numbers behind their profile? Well, these are people you can call to propose them a free class. Some won’t be interested but that’s okay. Just keep in mind that the more you’ll call, higher your chances to get a new customer.

Another thing many of us do is to drop some draw boxes in public places we like and go often. It can be restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, beauty shops, etc. I suggest you make a list of ten places you could drop boxes at near your home. You can go back once a month to collect coupons and you make calls. It will help you having your month booked.

15. What about recruitment?

You can use the same tools to recruit team members as the ones you use to find new customers. Actually, keep your eyes open every time you have a new customer. She might be interested into the opportunity, just like you. If recruiting interests you, I can help you with it as well. I pay attention to their body language when we talk about the Mary Kay Opportunity at each class. Those not interested will look elsewhere, have their arms crossed or simply leave. The ones that ask a lot of questions are often good candidates.

Free samples always help to gain the fidelity of your clients. They will feel privileged to get something for free. It also helps developing a friendly relationship so you’ll be more comfortable talking about the Mary Kay Opportunity. Most of the times, they like the products we give them too so it helps for your sales as well! We use them in our classes to help women overcome the embarrassment of asking questions in front of people so I guess it can help knowing who’s interested in helping women as well, yes!


What are your reactions? Would you join?

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