Eating more fruit, the fun way..

I have resorted to tricking myself into eating more fruit by pretending it’s ice cream or some special treat.

Okay don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I hate fruits or think that they’re disgusting. I don’t! I love mangoes. I could eat them day in and day out, but I forgot my mango slicer in Toronto so I’m bummed out because I can’t eat them.

So I’m stuck with pears, apples and generic fruits that are easier to peel for now.

I am not just into sweet foods in the morning for breakfast, and unless I snack on fruit during the day when I’m peckish, I generally tend to avoid fruits.

But BF is such a healthy little..fruit lover that I started admonishing myself for not munching on a couple of pieces a day.

He says that you need to eat at least 4 pieces of fruit a day. Or at least, that’s what he has heard. (And yes, I wondered if fruit inside chocolate counted, when he said that.)

But then I stumbled upon the idea of FREEZING FRUIT to make it more fun to eat. I am totally a child, but to give credit, I think I got the idea from Rae from theNotice who had posted about frozen grapes a while ago. Like last year.

I froze Persimmons which I love to eat (even without freezing them), but the freezing of the persimmon made it taste more like a gelato ice cream. Win win!

And I’m really the type of girl that hates mushy food. Mushy baby food drives me a bit bonkers unless it’s pudding.

Bananas fall into that category of mushiness, same with eggplants (if they are not done right, says BF), and any kind of mushy vegetable.

But when I sliced up a banana and froze it, I ate the entire bowl without even knowing it and I can normally only get through HALF a banana.

This is my new obsession now.

Freezing fruits and seeing which ones turn out the best. So far, persimmons and bananas are a hit, probably because of their higher water content.

Fruit I want to try to freeze because I think they’d taste great:
– Mangoes
– Watermelon
– Pineapple
– Grapes
– Pears

What about you? Have you ever tried frozen fruit?

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