Tech Businesses that Changed it all

Not long ago, we didn’t know what a “blog” was. Let’s admit it; we all associated this concept with some weird geeks in an unlighted basement. Some businesses changed it all. Without us having time to really understand it, the whole world faced some sort of revolution. Myself included, we bought iPods, iPhones, we selected more than 100 of our “favorites” TV channels and we made some – if not all – of these transactions online. I saw this image on QuickQuid’s website, they’re in the payday loans business, but still the chart is interesting to have a look at. It made me realize that even though some of these businesses started more than 25 years ago, it’s been about 10 years since the business decisions they made changed it all.

Of course, it has impact on our household budget. Kids have now their own phones by the age of ten and ask Santa Claus for an iPad! But besides the fact we agree with it or not, there’s THE switch these companies made before facing real success. They switched their minds into new ideas, new ways of seeing their products. It’s impressive what they’ve accomplished and I think we should all inspire from these examples.

What about you? Does it inspire you some changes? Which ones?


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