Falling in love with something all over again

You can fall in love with something all over again.

But sometimes you just need to accept the flaws of a given product or service that you used to love but then got disenchanted with, and make it work for your life.

I feel like this can be done for anything.

Anything in your wardrobe or books that you haven’t read in a couple of years.

If you have lots of clothes in your wardrobe but you wake up every morning screaming: “I HATE MY WARDROBE! I have NOTHING to wear!!!!

Maybe it might help to think of your closet in a different way: it’s your own personal store.

It has been customized just for you – your body, lifestyle & style.

It has all the colours that work on you, all the sizes you wear and everything you need, just the way it is.

You may just need to Keep it Simple & Make the Best Parts Work For You, rather than running out to console your wardrobe issues by purchasing a whole new wardrobe.

To keep it simple, try cleaning out your closet: Donate/Toss/Sell what you don’t wear.

To make the best parts work for you, arrange your closet in a visually pleasing manner: Re-arrange it by type (Shirts/Blouses/Skirts/Pants) and then by colour (Use the Rainbow as a guide) within each type so that you can see what you have to work with.

As for my example, I went through a love hate relationship with my Macbook.

The Situation

When I first got it, I loved it!….

  • Sleek, Minimalist Design and Layout
  • Awesome functions that work FAST
  • Clean loading of the programs
  • Easily understood to adjust settings and other cool things
  • Easy to connect my harddrives and to disconnect them
  • It shuts down so quickly!
  • Watching movies on it is a DREAM. Lots of great volume & fabulous speakers.

Then I hated it after I started using it for a longer time….

  • Trackpad sucked hard
  • Doesn’t like a mouse to be used with it
  • The buttons near the top are too tiny
  • Shortcuts are confusing because I am used to a Windows layout
  • I hated the keyboard because I couldn’t type fast on it

And then I banished it to the closet, disgusted with trying to use it on a daily basis for everything in my life — blogging, Microsoft Office Suite-ing and emailing.

But just recently, I dug it out of the closet where I had banished it to a lonely life for 3 months, and decided to try and love it again.

I kept it simple

I got rid of what frustrated me and I am now keeping & using it for all the functions I love!

I started by getting rid of these two functions to keep it simple:

  • Mousing over into the corners to show the desktop, etc
  • Removing the function where you can flip between 4 different “Windows” or desktops

I now don’t accidentally flip into the corners and show the desktop with that (still) crappy trackpad, and the the flipping Windows Desktops have stopped annoying the hell out of me because I accidentally pressed on a button.

I made the best parts work for me

I knew I loved:

  • Watching videos & listening to music on it
  • Lightly surfing the internet
  • The convenience of having two laptops in two different areas

So, I kept it by the bed I decided to keep the Macbook by the bed because I hate having to move laptops from one area to another.

I set up videos and movies on it for quick entertainment, and I deleted any data that didn’t fit with what I wanted to use it for.

Plus, I got to keep my Dell PC on the table where I use it the most for blogging and heavy duty typing, Microsoft Office Suite-usage, or Photoshopping.

Win. Win.

Have you ever fallen in love with something you already own, all over again?

About the Author

Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver. I cleared $60,000 in 18 months earning $65,000 gross/year. Now I am self-employed, and you can read more about my story here, or visit my other blog: The Everyday Minimalist.