Reciple: A Simple Turmeric Chicken

BF thinks I’m such a weirdo for loving turmeric, but then I call him out on his cumin obsession and he quiets down.

This is a horribly simply recipe that tastes incredible to me. The turmeric gives a sort of flavour that is light and fragrant without being overpowering.

I pair it with any kind of vegetable, it doesn’t matter. The turmeric flavour comes out to me.

But I always, always, eat it with rice.


  • Chicken thighs
  • Turmeric
  • Salt

That’s seriously it.


Mix the turmeric with the salt (a good healthy pinch of salt mixed in with a lot of turmeric).

Watch out, your fingers might turn all yellow. But do it quick, and wash your hands immediately, and you won’t see any yellow stains.

Do a rub all of that mix all over the chicken thighs and TOTALLY cover it.

Let them marinate for a day or so.

To cook them, throw them into a pan or a pot, crank up the oven to 200 Fahrenheit and cook for an hour or until they’re thoroughly cooked, turning them over halfway through the cooking time.

I usually check to see if they’re cooked by doing a small incision right into the meat, to get to the bone, so I can check the flesh around it to make sure it is cooked, but not overcooked.

The chicken won’t dry out, because it cooks in its own fat, and you end up with this:

And yes. I eat it with a boatload of rice.

I also had some eggplant on the side (not pictured because I am working through that recipe)

Actually, that amount of rice pictured was only enough for the drumstick, not the thigh.

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