Would you marry for money?

As many women say: love doesn’t pay the bills or put food on the table.

Love is manufactured and marriage is a business, so why not get the ‘most’ out of it? People generally marry others if they can get something out of it.

At the very base of it, men look for beauty and women look for a good provider.

But others feel that marrying only for money is a bad idea (my grandmother included), because it isn’t worth it in the end if it doesn’t work out.

Women who actively search for rich men, are usually termed ‘golddiggers’.

I really believe that money is a good servant but a bad master, so searching only for guys with money is usually not a fabulous idea with a happy ending.


You can also take the stance that marrying for money is neither good or bad. It depends on how you view money because money represents so many different things in our life and can represent both good and bad.

When you’re in debt, money is evil.

When you have money, then money is good.

It displays our values and how we see ourselves and others in life.

Therefore, depending on how you already view money, it factors into whether or not you’d marry for it.

Would you do it?

(Yes, ideally we’d enjoy both, but this is a one or the other situation here)

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