Learning how not to assume too much

I write a lot about things people think are too controversial at times because it doesn’t apply to them (or it does!), such as whether or not men prefer women who make less than they do, and I know readers get mad when I make such assumptions.

For the record, I know I’m making such assumptions.

I’m drawing on what I observe from others, what others tell me and what my personal experiences are. However, even as I am making such assumptions, I am doing it for a few reasons:

  • To tell you what I’m observing/seeing!
  • To draw out discussion
  • To learn something new (for myself) about what others think/feel

I won’t apologize or stop making assumptions because that’s kind of where opinions/ideas form, but I will definitely try to constantly remind myself that there are other angles to the story that may not be evident at that moment.

(Being patient is a helpful trick when dealing with customer service when you’re angry & irate, or being yelled at by a client!)

This is why I’m so pleased that Post Secret had posted this particular secret, to remind me to keep an open mind during discussions:

Without a doubt, if I had seen the same girl at that high school, I too, may have thought she was spoiled as heck, until I got to know her and realize the real reason behind the car.

What I’m trying to say is to be patient with me and read everything I write with the understanding that I may not have considered all the angles.

I am just throwing thoughts that burst into my mind late at night when my brain won’t shut up, and I am not a very polished/professional writer who may not get my thoughts across in the best manner at times.

As for myself, I’ll just keep in mind to never assume too much at all times.

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