Emergency Fashion Kits

Whenever I think of all the fashion emergencies I’ve had over the years (no wardrobe malfunctions, but close to them!), I always try to keep a list and update what I think I would need as an emergency fashion kit to deal with anything at hand.

These are my fashion BASICS for just in case something happens:

  • Double-sided fashion tape — to hold things closed, like the gaps at the bust area of your shirt
  • No sew tape to iron up hems — this is more of in the morning if you put on pants and realize you need to hem them ASAP
  • Bra strap holders — Miraculous! I pin them in and I never worry about flashing anyone because of my top coming down
  • Bra strap converters — Racerback tops need to have bra straps out of the way (in my opinion)
  • Mini safety pins — To hold anything together, like a broken seam
  • Clear nailpolish — To stop runs in the stockings
  • Blister tape — To wrap around your feet if you are walking a lot or trying to break in a new pair of heels
  • Blister foot rub balms — To ease the irritation you are starting to get at the back of your heel before a blister forms

What are some of your emergency go-tos?

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