How much stock do you put into appearance?

A great post by Well-Heeled (one of my favourite blogs) about what your lifestyle projection is.

One of the great things about America, I think, is that the way you look might be very different from your actual economic status.

Which is to say that it’s hard to make snap judgments about people, even if you see the clothes they wear, the house they live in, or the cars they drive.

So why try so hard to convince people of a certain “image” when that image is not very reliable to begin with?

I know people who have cashed out their companies for a million and they look like regular Joe Schmoe walking down the street.

I agree wholly with Well-Heeled’s point of view!


I know that when I look better, people respond to me a lot more differently than when I am in student-hobo mode.

When I look better, I wear a little makeup, a little jewellery, and nice clothing (although nothing I own is designer or ‘brand name’ as far as I know).

When I dress in student-hobo mode, it is no makeup, sweaters, skinny pants and ballet flats or boots. I value warmth over style, especially in winter.


I like to dress up, but it isn’t something I have to do every single day, or wear makeup every day.

I’m not self-conscious about anything, only because I don’t see the point in worrying about what strangers think of me.

I only care about what people I know, and clients think of me.

Most of the time, office colleagues assume I’m a student intern who doesn’t make a lot of money.

I bring my own lunch, wear simple but nice clothing, I drive an old car (which is like the ultimate status symbol for many).

But frankly, I couldn’t really care less what people think of me, until I need to.

What I mean is that if I go to a client, I am not showing up in student-hobo mode, I’m going to look presentable (although without having to wear a suit).


I am starting to notice certain markers of ‘wealth’ in appearance to look out for.

For instance, a girl covered head to toe in logos to me, makes me feel like she has no style (and probably no money, if it’s all real).

She’s just showing off, and it’s probably all fake. I’m not impressed, but perhaps it’s my PF side coming out in knowing that most people who show off, are the ones who don’t really have any money. Remember, it’s really the Joneses who are broke.

Those who don’t feel the need to show off, are secure enough to not care.

A girl who is dressed simply, but nicely, and is carrying a no-name leather bag that looks well-made with soft buttery leather makes me feel as though she has some money and knows how to spend it on quality, even if I can’t see a single logo.

I can almost spot what is good quality or not, regardless of the name or brand on it. I just need to be able to touch it.

Even if it’s a designer item, but it’s made out of canvas selling for $1000, I think “that’s just cheap”. But a bag that sells for $100 and is made out of amazing leather and is stitched well, is expensive to me.

Cost has nothing to do with it.

All of this of course, is highly hypocritical because who’s to say that I give off the impression I think I do?

 So, how about you?

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