15 Easy Lessons about Money

These are 15 lessons that popped into my head on a whim the other day:
  1. Earn like a princess but live like a pauper (love this quote from a reader!!!)
  2. Money isn’t everything — just because you have it, it doesn’t make you a better person or mean your life is awesome
  3. Without good health, wealth means nothing so don’t cheap out by saving on health or dental
  4. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket by putting all your money into one investment (buy house or rent/stocks)
  5. Plan for the future and emergencies, it comes sooner than you think
  6. Don’t rely on family for financial aid (as parents or as children), get financially fit in 1000 hours
  7. Prepare well for your own financial situation before helping others even in tithing situations
  8. Being financially independent can be a source of great satisfaction especially as a woman who can handle her own
  9. Don’t try and save money by cutting down on the quality of your food — cook from scratch & buy less processed things
  10. What you achieve in your lifetime may not necessarily be achievable for your kids
  11. The stuff you own is just the stuff you own and not who you are
  12. The people who look rich, are probably not because acting rich is not the same as feeling rich
  13. Life is too short to be in a job you hate for most of your life
  14. Delay purchases and avoid getting into debt as much as possible
  15. Retirement is not a right

About the Author

Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver. I cleared $60,000 in 18 months earning $65,000 gross/year. Now I am self-employed, and you can read more about my story here, or visit my other blog: The Everyday Minimalist.