Traveling Essential: The Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is essential for travelling. I basically consolidate my wallet into a travel-friendly package and it’s my Go-To, Must-Always-Carry-With-Me Wallet that makes life a lot easier when you’re hopping from one plane to another.

What to store/have in a travel wallet

  • Passport
  • Other forms of identification (Driver’s License, Health Card)
  • Credit Cards/Debit Cards
  • Pen (To fill out customs forms)
  • Pad of paper
  • Home Currency (CAD $ in my case, in coins and bills)
  • Visiting Country Currency (Get money changed 2 weeks before you leave)
  • Basic Itinerary (Flights, Times of Departure/Arrival, Hotel Addresses/Dates)
  • Section for Receipts (For customs and budget)
  • Salt/Pepper Packets (Okay, is this one just me? BF and I like to buy stuff at grocery stores & eat)

Travel Wallets

This is my travel wallet.

Yes, the print is ugly (something about that gold-green is really hideous), but it’s functional and only cost $6.99 at the local drug store.

It has many compartments, and one big zippered section that sucks, because I actually need 2 zippered sections.

Oh well, beggars cannot be choosers.

It is also too small to put large boarding passes or tall/fat sheets of paper in. I have to end up folding them. Minor pet peeve.

Your other (cuter) option is the LUG Travel Wallet – Comes in many colours and costs $28 but is a lot more organized/efficient.

Do you use a travel wallet?

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